Obviously Viral - Sassy Madness!

Quote of the week: “And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends” - Siri

This week’s viral madness:

This week people discovered that Siri can be sassier than Regina George on a Pink Wednesday. Just ask her what 0 divided by 0 is and you’ll see for yourself. Or you can watch her answer here:

There have been all sorts of reactions on Twitter which have proved to be wildly entertaining:


But let’s not dwell on the sadness our little Siri has caused, and let’s have a look at this fabulously frisky viral video of a cop dancing at one of NYC’s pride parades:

                                                                     For the full video click here

                                                                     For the full video click here

No surprise this booty shaking cop got over 5 M views!

Speaking of the colors of the rainbow, this Snapchat user’s selfies have gone viral as he shows off his artistic talent by transforming his selfies into colorful Disney works of art.

And Twitter users are just loving these modern renderings of our favorite Disney Princesses.

They love it so much, that they are even sending him some of their own creations!

And finally, cake. Because it’s a 3 day weekend.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!


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