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Quote of the week: “No I never read the book or the script. I just winged it.” 

- Cara Delevingne


This week’s viral madness:

Before we get into explaining our quote of the week, today is a Friday more special than the last because today is the day that Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation is released in theaters! *Queue the music*

= Everyone today rushing to go see it

Tom Cruise did some crazy stunts for this film! They were REAL. He was actually strapped onto a plane when it took off:

So obviously the hashtag #MissionImpossible is trending on Twitter:

If you are not already impressed/entertained by the arrival of this film, you certainly will be after watching this epic lip sync battle between the star of Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise, and TV-host Jimmy Fallon, on Fallon’s show a couple of nights ago: #killingit #CantFeelHisFace

Speaking of movies and shows and such, Cara Delevingne recently experienced a really awkward interview on the Sacramento Good Day show. Watch for yourself:

And sure enough when the interview went viral, people were on Cara’s side:

John Green, the author of Paper Towns, even wrote a blog post about the incident and was clearly not impressed, not only because the anchors had been rude but because they were asking the wrong kinds of questions.

He pointed out that “Cara has read the book (multiple times) but the question is annoying – not least because her male costar, Nat Wolf, was almost always asked when he’d read the book, while Cara was almost always asked if she’d read it.”

There are just going to be some misinformed haters out there no matter the situation, so Colleen Ballinger (a.k.a. Miranda Sings) decided to embrace the mean comments into a funny little song, which got over 1 million views in just a couple of days:

And finally, we’ll leave you with a video of this cutie chasing some birds: #supportwildlife

Although it’s the last day of July, it’s not the last day of summer yet so enjoy the beach/pool/AC this weekend or follow in the footsteps of this little corgi who is so keen to get in that water!

Happy Friday everyone!

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