Obviously Viral - Jon and the Ladies

Quote of the week: 

"I do not know how this son of a poor Appalachian turd miner...I do not know what I would do if you hadn’t brought me on this show. I’d be back in those hills mining turds with Pappy. Jon, you know by now I’d have dung lung." 

—Stephen Colbert’s heartfelt goodbye to Jon Stewart


This week’s madness:

Alas, my friends, the day has come when Jon Stewart will no longer feature on our televisions, for last night The Daily Show anchor performed his last show EVER and all of social media is in mourning/thanking him for the awesomeness he brought to America through the hashtag #JonVoyage:

*Moment of Silence*

But have no fear, fellow readers, for we have more to celebrate, notably in line with our iconic hashtag #GirlPower.

This week on social media the hashtag #ilooklikeanengineer, which challenges gender stereotypes, was buzzing and provided truly inspiring content.

It all started with one Tweet by engineer Isis Anchalee...

...which in turn brought multiple amazing Instagram and Twitter posts:

Seriously, there are A LOT more that you should really check-out. #inspirationoftheday #ofourLIVES

Keeping on topic of #GirlPower, this next campaign calls for women to embrace their looks: notably, their stretch marks. The hastag #LoveYourLines recently went viral and so did the main account that promoted the campaign, @LoveYourLines which has 142K followers. #Slay

Here are a couple of the stories:

Moving on to a more comical topic, this week a “major” discovery was made which sort of sparked a debate over whether or not you are supposed to keep the plastic end of earrings:




No one knows! Finally, here is your end-of-the-week cute puppy video:

Until next time...Have a great weekend!


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