How influencers can score more opportunities with brands

Looking to land your dream collab? Well you've come to the right place! Here at Obviously we connect awesome brands with awesome influencers. Our expertise lies in our relationships with micro-influencers (specifically those with a 5K-100K following) in order to create personal, on-brand campaigns for kick ass brands like Sephora, Google, Tarte, Saks Off 5th, Uniqlo, Dagne Dover ~ just to name a few ;) ~

We took a (short) coffee break and garnered advice from our most seasoned staff on ways to create a better relationship with Obviously and get more opportunities with these sweet brands! Check out our tips below:

1. Find your aesthetic - and go with it!

"Influencers who have really ironed out a consistent profile look/image are always the most memorable for me. If bold color (or lack of color) is your thing - run with it! I think it really pulls your entire profile together, making it look cohesive which is a major plus." Alexis, Account Manager

2. Stay true to your personal brand

"We love working with influencers who know what's a natural fit and is interesting to their audience. This content always performs best and makes brands want to work with you again and again." - Ashley, Account Manager

"If you want to be a brand ambassador for Dior, don't sign on to partner with Old Navy -- and vice versa. Or if you want to work with a wholesome company for moms, don't post about racy or illegal activity. Brands care about your entire image and past partnerships. It should all fit together so you're attracting a consistent audience!" - Alexandra, Director of Influencer Engagement

3. Don't be afraid to post #sponsored content

"Be true to you, but also shine a spotlight on the brand! As long as you disclose sponsorship (it's the law) and stick to your aesthetic, you won't alienate your audience. Hiding gifted product it in a flatlay among brand competitors, or posting a subpar photo with the intention of deleting it, doesn't encourage brands to keep working with you."- Alexandra, Director of Influencer Engagement

4. Know your schedule and plan accordingly

"If you're about to go backpacking through China for 3 months, maybe don't sign up for partnerships with tight deadlines ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Being unreliable is #1 way to burn bridges with brands." - Ashley, Account Manager

5. Stay communicative about issues ** please don't ghost us :) **

"Even if you decide you hate the product or want to drop out, let us know and we'll figure a way to work something out. If we don’t hear from you and you fail to post, we won’t be able to work with you again on any upcoming projects. :(- Miriam, Director of Product Ops

6. Keep Reaching Out

"We work with thousands of influencers, so unfortunately not everyone is going to be a fit for every single project. But don't give up! The more proactive you are about projects, the more likely you'll find your perfect fit." Alexis, Account Manager

7. Refer a brand to us (and earn $$$)

"Send us an email and contact name at X brand, and if we sign a contract with them you'll get $300 for connecting us!" - Miriam, Director of Product Ops