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Greetings Beautiful Members of the Obviously Squad!

By now, some of you may have started to notice a few changes going on with our platform.  We've been working hard to make Studio easier to use for both brands and influencers, and we hope you can take advantage of some of the great new tools and features we're rolling out.  One of the biggest changes we're implementing in 2018 is the new Studio Preferred option for anyone with an Instagram Business account.  (If you don't have a business account for your IG page, you really should.  It's free and can provide you with all kinds of useful data about your audience.  Check out how to set one up here.)

Studio Preferred members will opt to connect their Facebook Business account with Obviously, sharing a wider view of your analytics with us, so we can do a better job matching you with some of our top brands.  As fraudulent practices such as purchasing followers and automating likes are unfortunately becoming more and more common in influencer marketing, Studio Preferred allows you to go a step further with verifying your authenticity for us, making you a lot more attractive to brands.

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What's in it for me?

Because you're being a great collaborator and opening up your data to us, we're going to return the favor and open up our data to you.  Want to know how many annoying bots are lurking around in your followers? Our system detects fake followers and will give you a percentage of how many fake follows you have on your account.  For the vast majority of you that have a healthy social media following (less than 10% fakes) you can use this info to market yourself to brands. If you have more than 10% fakes, its an opportunity to take charge of your audience and clean out the bots.  We'll also be sharing more of your general profile- what information brands see about you, your reliability score, interesting insights into your audience (age/gender breakdown, location, ect) and more.

Secondly, and very importantly, some of our top brands are only going to be interested in working with Studio Preferred influencers moving forward.  Data is an important aspect for measuring the success of an influencer campaign, and as brands become more sophisticated, they are understandably becoming more interested in measuring progress beyond simple likes and comments.

Is my data safe?

Look, there's a lot going on in the news recently about data breeches and personal privacy.  I want to be super clear with you: Obviously has zero interest in selling your data, sharing your data, using your data to target ads, making weird political judgments about you based on your data or honestly doing anything with your data other than verifying your authentic following and helping you find collaborations that make sense for you.  We don't let third parties view your data for any reason.  (Other than brands you specifically apply for, who will see reasonable things like your engagement rate, how many views originate from your followers, ect.)  That's my genuine commitment to you, our partners, as we continue to create this thing together.  Cool.  

So how do I become preferred?

So glad you asked! If you don't have a business account, the first thing you should do is go make one.  I'll wait.


Okay, great.  Now, log into your profile on  At the top, you will see a banner inviting you to participate in Obviously's Spring Cleaning.  Click on the link and follow the steps.

If you don't see the banner, you can join via your profile.

In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see your picture and a drop-down menu.  Click on that and select. "My Profile."  Under "Social Profiles" Click "Get Preferred."  Then select "Continue with Facebook."  You should see your Facebook Business Profile show up.  Click "Select" to connect it to your Studio Profile.  That's it!

If you have any questions, or if you experience any glitches during registration (it's a brand new feature!  I apologize in advance!) Please feel free to reach out to me directly at

Looking forward to doing amazing stuff in the near future!

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