How to get more projects through Obviously


What can I do to get more projects?

I answer some variation of this question about three times a day. It’s by far the most common concern to show up in my inbox, so much so that I’ll admit I sometimes have underestimated just how enthusiastic Obviously influencers are. They don’t expect us to simply give them more projects.  Instead they want to know what they can do to be more relevant, more original, and more appealing to brands. Our community of hard-working, passionate, creators is willing to do whatever it takes to get themselves to the next level.  The influencer hustle is real, but they don’t shy away from it.

Because I’m asked this question so often, I’m not always able to go into meticulous detail about what steps each person needs to take to achieve their goals.  I’ve written before about what to do if you’re not selected for a project, highlighting the fact that most brands choose influencers based on a specific set of criteria that aren’t always within your control. However, there are some tried and true strategies that can help you land more projects, or at least give you a better understanding of how collaborating with Obviously works.

Understand Obviously’s role

It’s important to note that Obviously does not make the final selection in regards to who is placed on a project.  Our role is to connect brands with influencers that are a good fit for their products and are ready and willing to work with them.  Thus, it’s exceedingly important that we invite influencers to the project that fit a brand’s unique parameters in regards to location, age, content, ect.  You may be the best parenting blogger we know, but if you’re located in California and our brand is targeting influencers in New York (or Paris or Sydney) we’re not going to reach out to you.

This is why we do not allow influencers to apply directly any project that interests them.  Influencers normally aren’t aware of a brand’s myriad stipulations and needs.Our job is to make sure all those needs are filled before a brand makes a decision.  So if you heard about a project and you’re confused as to why you weren’t invited, it’s most likely based on a stipulation you’re not aware of.

Define your aesthetic

Once we’ve presented brands with influencers who fit their criteria, they make the final selection. Their decision is almost always based on aesthetic.  Brands want someone whose content resonates with the brand’s vibe, someone who feels like a natural fit. There are a ton of articles on this blog that highlight influencers with very strong aesthetics, so feel free to comb through for inspiration.  (You can start here.)

Every brand favors a different aesthetic preference, so you won’t always be the right fit.  But it’s much better to have a strong, defined aesthetic that appeals to specific brands than to try appealing to everyone and end up with bland content. Strong aesthetics lead to strong relationships.

Increase your engagement

Sometimes influencers ask me about the “minimum number of followers” to work with Obviously. There really is no such thing, especially now that we’ve started including nanoinfluencers (1-5000 followers) in many of our strategies.,.  On the other hand, engagement rate matters a lot. Many, if not most, of our top brands prioritize engagement over the number of followers you have. For reference, a strong engagement rate is over 2.5%, and over 5% is really impressive. (These numbers will be higher for nanoinfluencers.) If you’re below that threshold, you might want to start amping up the conversational aspect of your content: ask your followers questions in IG Stories, respond to their comments, and even comment on their posts.  Engaging with them is a great way to get them to return the favor.

Stay in touch

It really can’t hurt to reach out and stay on our radar.  We dive deep into our platform to find the absolute best fits for every project based on our data, but there are also some creators we know by name.  When a brand asks us, off the top of our heads, to show them some examples of who might be a good fit, these are naturally the people we gravitate towards.  It’s easy to be one of them. Reach out with a personal email and tell us what you’re up to, share your recent work with us, or just say hi. We’re friendly and we love getting to know you.

Connect us with brands you want to work with

Lastly, if you really want to go above and beyond, introduce Obviously to brands you’re already working with.  We would love to work with your favorite brands, but we need a way to kickstart that collaboration. If you have a preexisting relationship with a brand that you think could benefit from working with Obviously please put us in touch!

If you have questions about working with Obviously, or anything influencer marketing, leave them in the comments.  We’d love to chat!

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