Shooting for social at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Images are vital to how we navigate our environment today. Social media allows me the opportunity to contribute to that landscape. While shooting Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) for IMG, I was constantly switching between my Canon camera and my iPhone. Each helped me create different content: With my iPhone, I took celebrity shots and "newsy" images, which could be posted on Instagram for certain shows; with my Canon, I was aware of creating tableaux that would evoke the unique atmosphere in the tents. The latter is especially important for platforms like Facebook, where I posted photos which required more viewing time to appreciate the image. Conversely, with Instagram shots, high-trafficking photos tend to fall into the "instant gratification" bucket. My goal for both platforms was the same: allowing people to feel like they were a part of the MBFW magic. My strategy landed me a freelance-assignment contract at Getty and work with fashion blogs like Fashion Indie. Social media has taught me time and again that creating powerful content visually expands my audience and influence.

Nomi Ellenson is a freelance photographer based in New York City. She collaborated with Obviously Social to help cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February 2014.

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