#OSFW Round-Up

Happy Fall! Summer is over and soon New York City will look like a scene straight out of a Nora Ephron movie. Who's excited?!

Between the launch of our new platform, Obviously Studio, the array of projects we were able to offer our social creatives, and all of the amazing content they created, we had a pretty spectacular summer. We closed out the season with a special project focused around one of New York's busiest and most stylish times... Fashion Week.

We started our own social media Fashion Week, aka #OSFW. We asked our Instagram followers to submit a photo of the outfit they would wear to New York Fashion Week so @diarysketcheslk could turn it into a beautiful fashion sketch for them to share with their own followers. Leave it to our fashion social creatives to knock it out of the park with awesome content. Take a look at some of our favorites...

We got 178 posts tagged with #OSFW and garnered impressions that reached an estimate of about 800,000 Instagram users. Not bad for our first Obviously Social Fashion Week! Of course we're a little partial to the sketches @diarysketcheslk made of 3 of our strategists, Lauren, Saya, and Miriam


A big thank you goes out to everyone who got creative and submitted a photo -- follow us on Instagram for more photo contests coming soon!