Obviously Social x BBC


THE CHALLENGE: BBC has some big goals, and they hired us to make it all happen. They wanted to get more people on their website, perfect their social media mojo, and generate more engagements from creative content.

HOW WE DID IT: We came up with an extensive training schedule and long-term plan of attack to make it happen. Our strategy focused primarily on training their editorial staff, teaching them how to write effective and engaging social media content and how to manage and report back on it.

We spent 6 months with BBC’s editorial team in their NYC and London offices running workshops, seminars, and giving one-on-one feedback to the editorial staff. Once trained and ready to go, we encouraged editorial staff to post consistently and practice their social media skills using an internal leaderboard contest. In the end, BBC saw an increase of 83% across all United States social traffic and 681,000 unique clicks during the first six weeks of training.

In addition to the big-picture strategy and training, we also ran an influencer campaign for "BBC Future" to generate social media buzz around their World-Changing Ideas Summit in New York. For the event, we geotargeted 100 New York-based influencers to attend the event in person, and 100 more influencers in key global markets to interact with content live during the day. The influencer campaign resulted in 14.5 million impressions on the day and 1800 engagements with BBC Future’s handle over the course of 8 hours.