Influencers show their love for Stranger Things

We're beyond psyched for the spooky season 2 premiere of Stranger Things tomorrow -- and so are our influencers! When I asked around to see who might be interested in an upcoming Stranger Things-related project, the overwhelming response literally froze my inbox.

Results: Influencers' favorite "Stranger THings" character

To celebrate the return of what is apparently one of the most popular shows in the influencer community, we're sharing some of the best content that these superfans showed us.

Celebrating Stranger Things

Jen's retro-chic Eleven costume from last year.

Friedia's absolutely adorable family costume -- check out grown-up Dustin!

Samantha's themed illustrated collage needs to be your background, ASAP.

Sylvie took her elegant pose to a whole new spooky level, Joyce-style.

It's not just for Halloween! Jamie even made Christmas Stranger Things-themed.

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