City spotlight: Minneapolis-St. Paul

Although sometimes it seems like every influencer lives in New York or Los Angeles, we work with incredible talent all over the world. We're calling out some of the up-and-coming cities that prove that creators are thriving in all kinds of communities. 


City Stats

Population: 3.28 million

Vibe: Rustic, yet sophisticated

Fun fact: Minneapolis-St. Paul has hosted the Internet Cat Video Festival since 2012.


Rising Stars of Minneapolis-St. Paul

Claudia"When I moved to Minneapolis a year ago, I didn't know what was going to happen with my blog. I saw it as a big opportunity but I was also scared since I did not know anyone. Now, a year later, I am in love with it and it is truly one of the most underrated cities in the US. I found a very supportive influencer community, but I have noticed that there wasn't an organized community quite yet as I had seen in other cities so I took it upon myself along with Downtown Blondie and the support of The Blogger Union to start the Minneapolis Blogger Union Chapter to keep the community together and help each other grow."

Peter: "The Twin Cities is the largest metropolitan area in the Upper Midwest yet is an area considered to be “flyover country” by many people who live elsewhere. This contrast perfectly illustrates the culture and creative output that the region fosters. While the Twin Cities has given birth to internationally renowned musicians and Fortune 500 companies, it maintains a reputation as a frozen wasteland. In fact, Minnesota culture is strongly tied to the natural landscape, and local influencers embrace and celebrate our Northwoods culture. We draw endless inspiration from the lake-filed landscape and the creature comforts that sustain us through long, dark winters."

Allegra: "Minneapolis is home to a brilliant, vibrant community of young creative people who seek to cultivate new experiences through collaboration."

Elena: "There's a saying in Minnesota -- that no one wants to move here -- but once you're here, no one ever leaves. Growing up in South East Minneapolis, I have a huge heart for the Twin Cities and everything in it. I will probably live here for the rest of my life... I personally want to share to the world just how beautiful and cool Minneapolis and St.Paul truly are. There are so many in the Twin Cities like me, and the influencer scene is booming. Everyone that I have met at meetups and gatherings are all genuine people with amazing stories and I love that Minneapolis/St.Paul is getting its name out there. Overall, I just think everyone has to come and visit us already."

Most Instagrammable spots of Minneapolis-St. Paul