How dapper is he!? Image via Diego Leon

How dapper is he!? Image via Diego Leon

This week, we're featuring one of our favorite and most loyal influencers, Diego Leon from Dandy in the Bronx! We're always in awe of his photography, his made-to-measure and impeccable suits, and his overall work ethic. Check out his amazing Instagram page

1) Name: Diego Leon

2) Hometown: The Bronx, NY

3) Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat

4) Favorite Photo Editing App: VSCO and Snapseed

5) Favorite Spot in NYC to Take Photos: Concrete Plant Park, Westfield Mall World Trade Center, Mott Haven, rooftops

6) Biggest Lesson You've Learned About Working with Brands: Create fantastic and engaging content for them, so you have a better chance of working with them again. Don't let these opportunities be one-shot affairs. Build relationship!        

7) Favorite Project You've Worked on With!  Quero Handmade Shoes NYC Pop-Up Event was amazing because it gave me a chance to host my own event and invite my friends and followers to check out the brand and have some drinks. 

8) Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow and Why: The photographers I work with make amazing content themselves. They work with great bloggers and brands and are always a source of inspiration. You should check out @streetchronicle @mrmendex20 @coastal_flicks. Always check out the photographer who work on my pictures to learn more.

9) Favorite Restaurant in NYC and Why: Check out Mott Haven Bar & Grill in the Bronx for huge portions and great drinks. Also a fan of Big Daddy's in Manhattan for the same reasons. Also bottomless brunch. 

10) Favorite Store in NYC and Why: A fan of stopping by the Apple Store on 5th Ave and Grand Central for the aesthetics. It helps the mind go and think of new ideas on what to create.