Influencer spotlight: Mariann Yip

Obviously has been lucky enough to work with with Mariann Yip for a long time. We're always appreciative of her professionalism, her incredible hair, and her overall vibe. 

1) Name: Mariann Yip

2) Hometown: LES, Manhattan 

3) Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram 

4) Favorite Photo Editing App: Photoshop and Snapseed

5) Favorite Spot in NYC to Take Photos: Definitely Soho! This is where most of my photos are taken because I love cobble stone streets and there are many alley ways and street corners that make for great backdrops.

6) Biggest Lesson You've Learned About Working with Brands: I've learned to only work with brands that align with my own values and image. As more opportunities have presented themselves, I am now more picky about who I work with. I also tend to work with brands that value me as a partner and genuinely support who I am and what I do. 

7) Favorite Project You've Worked on With! My favorite project has to be the Furla collaboration because I am obsessed with their bags and I constantly wear it. It was also one of the first projects I've worked on with and I was surprised that I had the opportunity to work with an amazing handbag brand like Furla. I am always featuring it in my photos because it has become one of my staple accessories!

8) Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow and Why: I actually recently wrote a blog post about it here. I love @negin_mirsalehi because I look up to her for fashion style. I think she is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and I love following her journey and daily life as a blogger. I'm also a huge fan of @kenzas because I find her to be the most relatable blogger since we're close in age and share similar fashion interests and styles. I also love @taramilktea because her feed is flawless. I think she's a pure genius when it comes to editing her pictures and I find inspiration through her travel and creative feed. 

9) Favorite Restaurant in NYC and Why:  This is definitely a hard one because I am a huge foodie and have tons of places that I love. But if I had to choose I would say Clinton Street Bakery! My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and my favorite breakfast food is pancakes. Clinton Street Bakery serves the best pancakes in the world and I can guarantee if you go there, you'll understand why I am raving about this place! 

10) Favorite Store in NYC and Why: I can never leave Zara without a purchase! Zara is my favorite store in NYC, specifically the Soho location, because they offer a wide range of clothing. It is always in trend and affordable so what more can a girl ask for?