Influencer spotlight: Ana Linares

Ana Linares is a Miami and New York based photographer and content creator and we've been a fan of her work since she started her colorful and artful feed. Now that she's joined Obviously, we are thrilled to see her come up with clever content ideas for some of our campaigns. Her feed is filled with bright and exciting images and that's why we can't wait for you to get to know her in our latest series! Follow her on Instagram: @ananewyork

1) Name:  Ana Linares

2) Hometown: New York City

3) Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram 

4) Favorite Photo Editing App: A Color Story 

5) Favorite Spot in NYC to Take Photos: Central Park.

6) Biggest Lesson You've Learned About Working with Brands: Don't be afraid to ask how much your photography is worth. 

7) Favorite Project You've Worked on with Obviously!  Google Pixel. Social media is such a huge outlet for sharing your photography to a creative audience. It is by far the most rewarding platform where you can create the most amazing connection with brands and other creatives. I love working with Obviously because they totally understand my work aesthetic when creating content and always make sure to introduce me to amazing brands who I always enjoy creating content for.

8) Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow and Why:  @brightbazaar, a great account for happy and beautiful travel and colorful lifestyle shots, @amy_stone, her eye for color is impeccable. @lucylaucht, fave travel photographer,  and @tinyatlasquarterly, they always feature great travel photographers and locations I dream of going to!

9) Favorite Restaurant in NYC and Why:  So many! Sauvage and Loosie's kitchen are my new fave restaurants.

10) Favorite Store in NYC and Why: A Piece Apart in Soho. They have the most beautiful clothes.