The best photo editing apps to step up your Instagram game

Once you take the photo, it doesn't just end there. With the help of one or more photo editing apps, you have the opportunity to take your selfies and flatlays to the next level. Here, our team consolidated a list of our absolute favorites!           

1. VSCO is the app that has it ALL. Whether you are adjusting the brightness, saturation, exposure, or adding a filter, VSCO can do it. VSCO is different from other apps because of their unique filters and library grid, where you can organize your photos and even plan out an Instagram feed! This is a huge advantage when you're trying to make your Instagram flow and look more cohesive. 

2. A Color Story has amazing features that allow you to alter your pictures that are not available on any other platform. With the "levels" tool, you can adjust or edit certain parts of a photo, while leaving others the same- so cool! Another feature on A Color Story is, you can save exactly what you worked on and re-use those adjustments again in your next photo.

3. Polarr is a unique app with incredible filters that allow you to pick an aesthetic and stick with it. It has interesting tools like dehaze, liquify, cloning, dividers, and shapes that cannot be found anywhere else. 

4. Snapseed is the ultimate photo editing tool; it's strongest feature? The ability to adjust the white balance and brightness levels. This is especially helpful when you don't have the access to bright lighting when shooting images. 

5. Filmborn could be considered one of the most advanced photography apps.  It allows you to use actual tools that are found on actual camera: white balance, exposure, custom curves, and batch editing.  Play around with it and stay patient with the process.