Influencer Spotlight: Espe and Sebastian Gomez


Here at Obviously, we really take the time to get to know our influencers - whether that's IRL or virtually! We're continuing our series of Q+A's with some of our favorite folks and we're thrilled to have the chic Espe & Sebastian grace our blog page today! Read below to get to know them a little bit better. 

Name: Espe & Sebastian Gomez @twotrends

Where are you from?: based in Miami

What is your Instagram/Blog page all about?: Lifestyle, fashion and travel

Where do you get inspiration from?: From different cultures as we continue to travel and meet other people.

What is your favorite campaign with Obviously and why?: Tanqueray because it was our first campaign and allowed us to break the ice with the team!

If you could list 3 of your favorite Instagram pages, who are they and why?: @TravelandLeisure to find inspiration for our next travel stories, @Taylorcutfilms for amazing edits and production and @Songofstyle for her edgy fashion style

What is your favorite restaurant? Yakko San - local Japanese food! 

Your favorite place(s) to take photos?: We love to take photos surrounded by amazing architecture.

Favorite social media platform and why? Instagram for quick moments of inspiration!

What sets your feed apart from others?: We're able to capture stories around the world showcasing more moments of our relationship!

Top 3 apps on your iPhone? Gmail app, Instagram, YouTube

Social media trend you’d like to see less of and why? The #like4like #follow4follow trends!  

Favorite photo editing app? Lightroom

Favorite inspirational quote and why? Dreams don't work unless you do.