Influencer Spotlight: Jason Tezgerevski

This week we are highlighting Jason Tezgerevski’s knowledge of all things menswear - his sleek sense of style has us wondering if all of his clothes are made from boyfriend material.


Name: Jason Tezgerevski (@teztrends). Since I get asked all the time, it’s pronounced TEZ-GE-REF-skee. My nickname for years has been “Tez” for obvious reasons.

Where are you from?: Garfield, New Jersey.

What is your Instagram/blog page all about?: My blog and Instagram accounts are a mix of men’s fashion and lifestyle. I share my adventures at New York Fashion Week, favorite restaurants, products I currently love, and favorite outfits or looks at the moment.

Where do you get inspiration from?: I get inspired from so many things, people, or places around me. A few of them include New York City, architecture, interior design, music, my best friends, and of course - the latest and greatest menswear trends.

What is your favorite campaign with Obviously and why?: This one is tough, but I would have to say Robert Graham. I had so much fun styling the three pieces and shooting each at different locations to make them really stand out. I love having creative freedom with brand partnerships and RG fits into my wardrobe seamlessly.

If you could list 3 of your favorite Instagram pages, who are they and why?: Follow these guys ASAP: @iamgalla, @justinliv, and @imdrewscott. I have plenty more aside from male bloggers, but these three get better with each post. Thank me later!


What is your favorite place you've traveled?: Australia, hands down. I have family on my Dad’s side who live in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. I visited three times and excited to go again soon. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind snapping photos of me along the way.

Your favorite place(s) to take photos?: I have a whole bunch. Coffee shops, NYC streets, cobblestone roads, train stations, parks, minimal walls where an outfit can truly pop, and then some. I also take photos at home to add a personalized feel.

Favorite social media platform and why?: Definitely Instagram! While captions are technically a “text” element of IG, I enjoy that it’s a photo-centric platform. Sharing a photo that I worked so hard to set up, shoot, and edit never gets old and encourages me to keep creating. I’m constantly discovering new places to go and love following other bloggers.

What sets your feed apart from others?: I’m all about quality over quantity. I would say my feed is diverse and I try my best to keep the audience in mind. Most of my photos have a similar aesthetic for a cohesive look. I focus on affordable fashion so guys can go out and try something new, while girls can pick something up for their guy with ease.

Top 3 apps on your iPhone?: Does Instagram count? With that one aside, the apps I use most are Spotify, Uber, and Amazon. Prime comes in clutch all the time!


Social media trend you’d like to see less of and why?: Chasing followers without purpose. So many want to be “Insta-famous” without a why or defined strategy. Less memes on Facebook would be nice too.

Favorite inspirational quote?: "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein

Where can we find you on social media?:

-    Instagram: @teztrends & @jasontez (personal account)

-    Facebook:

-    Twitter:

-    YouTube: