What's Happening at Obviously: The Gates Foundation, Max Richter Music, and Lip Gel Magic

While many people associate Influencer Marketing with beauty and fashion, Obviously works with brands in every industry-- from health and wellness, to food, travel, the arts, and even non-profits.  This week, we're highlighting two very unique collaborations...and a little beauty too. ;-) 

The Gates Foundation

As a woman-led company, Obviously is proud to be partnering with the Gates Foundation as they promote financial stability and independence for women around the world. These influencers spread the word about the important work the foundation is doing and shared their stories of what it means to be financially independent. #EqualIsGreater

Max Richter Music and World Sleep Day

I've always had problems falling asleep, and it turns out I'm not alone. Fortunately, on March 16th, Spotify made Max Richter's gorgeous, meditative album SLEEP available for streaming.  Influencers drifted gently into dreamland with this beautiful music. 

Lip Gel Magic

Obviously has been pretty obsessed with Sekkisei's skincare products for a while now.  But they've stepped up their game with the new Lip Gel Magic lip colors.  They literally do not rub off or transfer to anything.  (Don't believe me?  Check out @katieteutphoto's post!)