What's New @ Obviously: Althea, Sweet Pea, and K-Swiss

The past few weeks at Obviously have been a delightful mix of old classics and exciting new brands.  (And some new releases from our classic brands.)  We've been hosting giveaways and contests galore, all just in time for Spring. Check out what's new at Obviously!

Althea Korea

One of our favorite skincare brands, Althea, launched their new Bare Essentials line just in time for Spring.  Influencers hosted a giveaway contest featuring these luxurious products, which are must-haves for protecting your skin in the hot Summer months ahead.  If you haven't checked out their products yet, I highly recommend you do so right now.  I'll wait...

Sweet Pea App

"How heavy are polar bears?  Heavy enough to break the ice!" (Hehe thanks for that one, @ivwng).  Influencers teamed up with dating app Sweet Pea for this fun and playful contest. Sweet Pea focuses on conversation starters and ice breakers, rather than photos and likes, to create matches.  Influencers asked their followers to submit their best (or worst) icebreakers.  The winner received free airfare for a weekend getaway for two!  


We all love new trends, but the classics never die.  The K-Swiss ST329 is an all-time fave for sneakerheads, so much so that they created a whole day to celebrate it.  Why not?  These influencers celebrated March 29th with timeless style.  #ForeverClassic

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