What's New @ Obviously: Name Bubbles, Kidbox, and Clean Perfume

Is it just me, or did I blink and spring had turned into summer?  Its heating up at Obviously with some fun summer campaigns for kids. (And grown-ups too!)

Check out some of our recent highlights: 

Name Bubbles Camp

Some of my most cherished memories growing up were from summer camp.  I loved the games, songs, and the friends who became so close so quickly. But I was always loosing my stuff. (Let's be honest, I still do.)  Fortunately Name Bubbles awesome new camp-themed name labels keep kids' belongings organized and personalized, so they can focus on the important stuff, like roasting marshmallows.


Another essential part of a great summer is having cool and comfortable clothes to play in. But all that growing can make it tough to always have something great to wear.  Fortunately, Kidbox is a personal shopper for kids.  They send you adorable outfits to try on and only keep the things you love.  This makes moms' lives way easier and being a kid even more fun.

Clean Perfume

There's a lot of great stuff going on for kids... but mom needs to get pampered too.  We've teamed up with a truly unique fragrance brand, Clean Perfumes.  Clean Perfumes are elegant, eco-conscious scents that can be mixed together- "cocktailing"- to create something completely customized and original.  Good for you and good for the planet- what could be better?

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