Obviously Influencers Love Local Guides

Recently, I wrote about how Local Guides is a great way to share your content with a wider audience.  After that blog post, several influencers reached out to describe their experience posting as Local Guides on Google Maps. Here are some of our favorite photos, reviews, and tips shared with us by Obviously influencers!

Tom Windeknecht

Photo by  Tom Windeknecht  for Local Guides

Photo by Tom Windeknecht for Local Guides

Obviously fave Tom Windeknecht (@tomwindeknecht) keeps up his bright, geometric, aesthetic in his work for Local Guides. This photo of the Saguaro Palm Springs Hotel artfully showcases his love for color, as does his 5-Star review:

If you love color, then you have to stay here! It's a colorful paradise in the desert. The pool is really nice, relaxing and refreshing. Every room at The Saguaro is super colorful! Plus, the tacos at El Jefe's are rad!

Eveline Reiner

Photo by  Trend Me Up  for Local Guides

Photo by Trend Me Up for Local Guides

Local Guides is the perfect complement to Eveline Reiner's Instagram feed (@trendmeup), where she shares her passion for all things food and travel.  She is currently a Level 7 Local Guide, having posted over 1,200 photos on Google Maps.

To date, her photo of the Serengeti Overlook restaurant has reached 272K people.  Wow!

Beth Cooper

Photo by  Crissi Beth  for Local Guides

Photo by Crissi Beth for Local Guides

Beth Cooper (@Crissibeth) is a rockstar Local Guide in NYC, having posted over 2000 photos as well as hosted meetups for other Local Guides.  She uses Google Maps to help her fellow vegetarians find great spots to eat in NYC. As with this photo for Osteria 57, she makes a point to capture both the food and the overall vibe of her favorite restaurants.  She also loves using 360 photos to really capture a location's ambiance.

I love my 360 photos, and many of mine have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.  I use a Google Pixel Photo Sphere to knit together a full 360 view of a place, so someone can move their phone around and get a really good feel of the place from every angle.

Thanks to Tom, Eveline and Beth for sharing their gorgeous content and useful reviews. What are some of the ways you reach beyond your Instagram audience? Have you tried Local Guides? Sound off in the comments!


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