5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Podcast

Photo by  Lauren Kashuk  on  Unsplash

Podcasts are some of the most popular forms of media today. For influencers, there are many compelling reasons to start a podcast, such as building a stronger relationship with your audience, expanding your content, and creating more opportunities for brand sponsorships. But podcasting is a highly saturated market with tons of competition for listeners. Before you dive into launching a podcast, ask yourself these five questions:

What sets your voice apart?

There’s a podcast on almost every subject imaginable, so ask yourself what makes your perspective unique. Why would someone choose to listen to your podcast instead of (or in addition to) another one on the same topic? If your Instagram or blog is known for a specific aesthetic or content, how does your podcast complement that?

How engaged is your audience? 

One advantage influencers have when starting a podcast is having a built-in audience. If your followers are hungry to hear more from you and sometimes ask you for more or different content, it might be a good sign that your podcast will be successful. 

What is your format?

It’s easy for an unplanned conversation to go off the rails, so determine the length and format of your episodes early on. Everything from scripted fiction to interviews to question-and-answers are popular, so listen to several different podcasts to get a feel for what you like. It’s also necessary to establish some fun recurring segments to structure your time.

Is your co-host a reliable partner?

If you’re planning on hosting along with someone else, make sure that person is someone you can count on to do the work and follow through. Also make sure you are on the same page about how you want to work, your schedule, and the amount of time you expect to dedicate to your podcast.

Do you have the time?

 Just like your followers on social media, podcast listeners expect consistent content. You will have to make time for recording, editing, and promoting your podcast regularly to keep them engaged and grow your audience. Ask yourself if you sincerely have time to dedicate to recording, editing, and promoting your podcast regularly. 

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