What's Happening @Obviously: Peach & Lily, TIFF, Smith & Cult

Obviously is continuing to elevate our collaborations, connecting world-class creatives with elite brands. From the latest trends in Korean beauty to iconic cultural events, we’re pushing the envelope and and delivering the absolute best that influencer marketing has to offer.

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Peach & Lily

Korean beauty and skincare products are celebrated worldwide for their pure ingredients and unparalleled results, and Peach & Lily is the ultimate source for the best products on the market. Their Original Glow Sheet Masks will leave your skin so soft and radiant, you’ll be reminded of your own baby-soft skin. Now, you can try them for yourself with exclusive free samples from Obviously and Peach & Lily.

Lyft and TIFF

Lyft has been setting Obviously influencers up with cultural experiences in their local communities, most recently inviting Canadian influencers to the Toronto International Film Festival, where they were granted access to Lyft’s pop-up installation. Influencers hung out at the Lyft movie trailer, where they enjoyed trailers for top TIFF films, private charging stations, and a place to refresh between festival events.

Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult’s personalized color-matching tool ensures that you’ll find the ideal foundation for your skin type. Obviously influencers showed off the flawless match they found for their unique skin tone. Smith & Cult’s weightless Veiled Threat Foundation is vegan, synthetic fragrance-free, and gluten-free and leaves skin feeling silky and soft.

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