What's Happening @Obviously: Bond Touch Bracelets, DRY Soda, and Biotera

At Obviously, we have the privilege of watching influencers take their passions and channel them into creative expression. Our diverse collaborations cover everything from tech to cooking to fashion, but are always united by the inspiring work of our influencers. This week, we’re featuring three very different projects, each one highlighting a different aspect of life at Obviously.

Bond Touch Bracelets

It’s hard being away from those you love. Whether it’s your partner, a close friend, or your family, long distances put an ache in your heart. Technology has made it easier to communicate, but nothing can replace a hug or a kiss. Bond Touch bracelets allow you to bridge the gap. Whenever you touch your bracelet, your partner will feel it- no matter where they are in the world. This sweet, simple, gift is helping us all feel just a little closer together.


If you color your hair, you know how easy it is to leave hair damaged. One of our favorite hair care brands, Biotera by Naturelle, has a luxurious haircare line completely devoted to restoring and protecting your colored hair. Ultra Color Care, made with beautiful wild orchid, is completely sulfate-free to let your color shine. You only need to look at our influencers’ incredible hair colors to see the difference.

DRY Soda Zero Sugar

No great meal is complete without a refreshing beverage, but most of the drinks we love are packed with sugar and nasty chemicals. DRY Soda company was founded out of a love for the culinary arts, meaning taste and freshness are front and center. Even better, their Zero Sugar line of sodas is not only completely sugar free (which I’m sure you guessed), but also sodium free, GMO free, and USDA Certified Organic. Plus, they’re completely delicious, making them both guilt-free and FOMO-free.

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