Why can't I search for brands myself?


TLDR: Searching for brands yourself is less efficient than you may know. Let us handle the busy work, just like we handle everything else!

Recently, I’ve been writing a lot about Obviously’s processes:  how we work, how you can get connected with brands. By now, we’re all comfortable with the fact that landing a great collaboration can take time and that sometimes brands make decisions based on factors out of our control. But one thing I love about Obviously influencers is their ambition. You wouldn’t be where you are today if you weren’t a go-getter. That’s why it’s no surprise that many Obviously influencers ask to use our platform to search out brands for themselves.

The short answer is unfortunately you can’t. This is not at all because we want to limit you or keep you from a great project; quite the opposite, in fact. Our systems are in place so that the time you spend on our platform can be as effective and efficient as possible. We want you to spend less time hunting down collaborations and more time being creative, so we’ve set up our system to make that happen for you.

Here’s how it works:

Projects have highly specific requirements

One of the behind-the-scenes secrets of working with Obviously is how much time we spend breaking down exactly how best to meet a brand’s goals. We pride ourselves on being able to find the perfect niche for a collaboration. This means we don’t just work with fashion influencers on a clothing projet. We might very well be searching for vintage fashion influencers on the East Coast who love the color yellow. It can be challenging, from the influencer side, to see all the ins and outs of a specific project, which is why it’s much easier for us to reach out to you if you’re a good fit.

Obviously isn’t like other platforms

Most influencer platforms are more like online directories. You list your information and some basic facts about yourself. If a brand wants to start a collaboration, they pop a few keywords into a search engine and see what comes up. In this case, it makes sense for you to reach out to brands, because it’s always possible that they searched the wrong thing and missed you.

Obviously, on the other hand, operates completely differently. Brands partner with us to manage their entire project from beginning to end, and we know our platform like the back of our hand.  We tailor our searches precisely to our network’s strengths, so there’s no risk of being passed over.

Brands bring their needs to us

Influencers are full of fantastic, creative ideas. Every day, I have influencers pitch ideas for collaborations to me, and some of them are really innovative. Occasionally, we even share these ideas with brands. However, most of the time brands come to us with a specific need.  They might want to promote an event, or generate excitement for a new product, or maybe they’re expanding to a new city and want to spread the word. Whatever it is, there is a particular problem they want us to solve. Often times, collaboration pitches don’t address those specific problems.

Projects happen at specific times

Obviously collaborations take place over a set period of time, with a set launch date and final deadline. That means that not every brand on Obviously’s platform is running a campaign at every moment. In fact, only a small portion of our clients will be hiring influencers at any given time.

We set this system up because it makes it easier for you and the brand

If we reach out to you, it means you already fit many of the parameters worked out in our initial meetings with the brand. Although they will make the final decision, you’re already way ahead of the game in terms of being a good match for the project.

The fact that we email you directly means that we’re doing a lot of the hustling to find a project that’s a good fit for you. We know everyone has busy lives, and we’re not here to waste anyone’s time. Rather than spending hours searching for brands that aren’t running projects, or whose projects aren’t a good fit, you can sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Emily BarozComment