Team Spotlight: How to Travel in Style with Obviously's Cori Lehrman

In the sunflower seeds in Provence

In the sunflower seeds in Provence

You know Cori as our sweet and spunky account manager, but did you also know she is an experienced world traveler? I got the inside scoop on her favorite places, tips for traveling light, and what to do when going solo. Be careful- wanderlust is contagious!

Among the vintage cares in Havana, Cuba

Among the vintage cares in Havana, Cuba

First, the basics: Tell us your name, where you’re from and your Instagram handle.

Corianna Lehrman, from northern Virginia, the suburbs of Washington, D.C., @cozianna

How did you become interested in influencer marketing?

I got my start in influencer marketing while managing social channels for some of the world’s leading hotels. I was constantly working with influencers to bring them to our resorts and create content on behalf of my clients. It was really amazing to see how influencers helped grow small hotels into some of the most buzzworthy destinations.

What is one thing you love about working at Obviously?

I love being able to connect some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the world with some of the best storytellers in the world!

You’re known around Obviously to be a world traveler and food lover.  Where all have you been?

I think traveling is the most valuable thing one can do for themselves. Traveling opens your eyes to different cultures, food, experiences, and allows you to lead a more curious and informed life.

The cliffs of Positano, Italy

The cliffs of Positano, Italy

I’ve been lucky enough to visit New Zealand, Australia, Morocco, countries all over Europe, Central America, Cuba, and a fair number of domestic locales. Next on my list is Thailand and Vietnam. After that, I’d like to conquer South America.

What is your favorite place you’ve travelled and why?

This is such a hard question. So I can’t choose just one.

  • The Douro Valley, Portugal - for the wine

  • Copenhagen, Denmark - for the design

  • Charleston, South Carolina - for the food

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy - for the views

  • Sedona, Arizona - for the hiking

  • Provence, France - for crossing off bucket-list goals (I mean come on, have you seen the sunflowers juxtaposed against the fresh lavender fields?)

  • Coromandel, New Zealand - for the fresh air

  • Paris, France - for everything

Solo travel is something lots of people are interested in, but few are brave enough to try.  Can you tell us about it?

While I love traveling with friends and family, solo travel is exhilarating. My past job required me to travel solo and took me everywhere from Mexico to the Hamptons. Those professional experiences taught me the basics of traveling alone for all my personal journeys too.  

This summer I took a solo trip to one of my favorite destinations: Paris. It’s hard to feel truly “solo” while in Paris because the city is really your companion. I walked 44 miles in 5 days - I have the data to prove it! I know a lot of my friends wouldn’t have been up for that much walking, which is one of the things that made traveling by myself so perfect.

Hiking in Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Hiking in Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

How do you handle meals when traveling alone?

I will admit, I’m not a great “on the fly” kinda gal, and meals and hotels are a top priority. I like to plan mostly everything, including building in some free time everyday. That means I know where I’m eating for almost every meal, with the exception of a few open meals that I leave for local recommendations.

That’s another perk of traveling alone - you’re able to get into restaurants that are otherwise booked months out. You can slip right in and grab a seat at the bar!

I also love using Google Maps’ “search this area” function to find the best restaurants. Google Maps offers a “Your Match” function which rates restaurants uniquely for you based on other restaurants you’ve eaten at. It’s surprisingly always pretty accurate.

Do you have any travel tips? (Packing tips, money savers?)

Always pack in a carry-on. I don’t care how many climates you’re juggling or how long you’re gone, you really only need a few items. This allows you to get the best deals on flights, and maximize your time in a city - hey, every hour counts when you’re traveling! Packing in a carry-on allowed me to go to Copenhagen for a long weekend for $350. Make it work.

Google Flights is your best friend for finding great flights. I always have a few flight alerts set for my favorite destinations or the places I’m hoping to visit next.  

Take a few Duolingo lessons before traveling to your next destination where you don’t know the language. It’s always good to know a few key phrases.

Tell us about the most interesting thing you’ve eaten.

Fried Grasshoppers in Mexico? Tripe, which is cow stomach, in Italy? The lavender and honey duck at Eleven Madison Park?

What is one piece of advice you have for aspiring travel influencers?

Instagram is one of my favorite itinerary-planning tools. I love gathering inspiration by using the bookmark feature or searching the geotag for must-visit places.

What is one thing you’ve learned from your travels that you want to share with the Obviously community?

The best souvenir you can bring back from a destination is your photography!

A walk around Copenhagen

A walk around Copenhagen

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