What's Happening @Obviously: AIDS Walk New York!

Every day, we see what's possible when passionate people join together to do something amazing and work together as a team. That's why #TeamObviously is beyond thrilled to be participating in the 2019 AIDS Walk! It's our way of giving back to the community and fighting for a better world where health and equality are available for everyone.

This year AWNY will take place on Sunday, May 19th, and we’re proud to say that we’ll be joining in the march. But we’re doing a lot more than just walking and raising money. We’re putting our skills to use for good, leveraging what we do best to promote a cause that matters deeply to us. Over the past weeks, Obviously influencers have been spreading awareness for the AIDS Walk and GMHC, the incredible organization that has been the leading provider of HIV prevention, services, and advocacy since 1982.

What is the AIDS Walk?

AIDS Walk New York was founded in 1986, and is the largest AIDS and HIV fundraising event in the world. Over the past 35 years, AWNY has raised over $154 million dollars for GHMC and other service organizations. Today, the walk also serves as a reminder that the fight against HIV and AIDS is not over. We still have a long way to go to element this disease, and people living with HIV and AIDS still need our support. Fortunately, there’s plenty that we can do to make an impact and getting involved with AWNY is the perfect place to start.

What is GMHC?

GMHC is the leading provider of HIV services in the United States, serving more than 13,000 people each year. They also advocate to end the stigma against persons living with HIV and combat the roots of today’s HIV crisis: poverty, racial and gender bias, and discrimination. GMHC understands that members of marginalized communities are most vulnerable to HIV, including people of color, LGBTQ youth, and transgender women. GMHC is committed to providing services to everyone and refuses to loose momentum in the fight against HIV.

How You Can Help

By donating to AIDS Walk New York, you can help Obviously make an impact on the lives of persons affected by HIV and AIDS. Even a small donation can help GMHC provide essential services and possibly save someone’s life.

$25 = 3 HIV tests so that more people know their status
$50 = 2 weeks of groceries for families affected by HIV
$100 = 80 safer sex kits to stop the spread of HIV
$500 = 125 hot meals served at GMHC to people living with HIV and AIDS

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