What's Happening @Obviously: Level 99, IGK Hair, and Name Bubbles

Memorial Day has come and gone and with it the unofficial start of summer. Things are heating up at Obviously too, and this week’s featured collaborations are all about having fun in the sun!

Level 99 Jeans

This summer’s style feels relaxed and comfortable but looks chic and fashionable. That’s why Level 99 Jeans and are the perfect staple for a #simplyeffortless summer wardrobe. Their jeans are designed to flatter every body type and are made from sustainable materials in a manner that conserves water and reduces carbon emissions. Plus, they’re a great fit for almost any occasion.

IGK Hair Mixed Feelings

Summer sun brings out the best in blond hair, but it can also do some serious damage. Mixed Feelings from IGK Hair helps you maintain your golden locks without changing your regular routine. Just a few drops mixed with any styling product, shampoo, or conditioner will do the trick. It also works for dyed hair!

Name Bubbles Camp

Camp is a great place for kids to grow, learn, and form friendships and memories. It’s also a great place to lose your stuff, as I learned the hard way on more than a few occasions. Fortunately, Name Bubbles has a special line of labels just for campers. They’re extra durable, washable, and can withstand sunblock and bug spray. It’s one less thing for parents to worry about when getting their little ones ready for summer fun!

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