What Does Pride Mean to You?

June is Pride Month and in cities across the world LGBTQ+ activists, friends, and allies are gathering to both celebrate the progress we’ve made and advocate for the future. Obviously believes equality, visibility, and love are essential human rights, and this month we’ll be sharing all the reasons why Pride matters to us. But first, we wanted to hear from our community. We reached out to some of our own influencers to see what Pride means to them.


Eli Erlick

Pride is the best time to celebrate who you are. Every June our community comes together to recognize our histories and spend time with friends. Social media is perhaps the most important new tool to help us mobilize our platforms for the future of our movements.

Jaime Dooley

One of our very first dates  @mrjaimedooley

One of our very first dates

I didn’t come out until I was 22, so I spent a good deal of time in the closet hating who I was. I remember meeting a new co-worker who was very out and proud and thinking “you seem normal, there’s nothing abhorrently wrong with you.” That was the moment that I realized that being gay was normal- that I was NORMAL. Before then all I had as a gay reference was what popular media and church literature portrayed, and neither was something I wanted, I wanted normal. At first, I was really conservative about posting “gay things” on social media, but now I get a chance to show off the normal life I have always wanted with the world. And hopefully, this inspires someone out there to be who they are.  

Christina and Katie Bailey

Love is love. I hope this becomes more and more visible during Pride month. Being LGBTQ is still a struggle for many and I know there are many out there who struggle every day to be who they are. I can only hope that the world continues to change and accept love in all forms.  

Yasmin Ghasiri

For me, Pride Month is important because it creates a safe space for so many people struggling with who they are or who they are in relation to their family and neighborhoods. Seeing rainbows in stores and restaurants, and seeing features on LGBTQ+ history can literally save lives and change hearts. Social media is an amazing place for activism. If #gay #lesbian or #nonbinary existed when I was in junior high, I wouldn’t have felt so alone.

What does Pride mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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