The Best Ways to Protect Your Intagram from Hackers


Every day, hackers break into Instagram accounts with malicious intents like holding them ransom, selling a unique handle, or even simply proving they can. For influencers, this can be doubly devastating. Not only does a hack bring the expected feelings of vulnerability and fear, but influencers also stand to quickly lose income, brand partnerships, and the followers they spent years building. 

Many content creators take precautions to ensure their accounts are protected, but hackers are always coming up with ways to circumvent existing safety measures. We at Obviously know how important this issue is for influencers. Here are basic ways to keep your information safe:


Good: Create a strong password.  

Strong passwords are at least 8 characters long and use a combination of numbers, letters, and special symbols. Ideally, you should not use the same password for all your accounts, because one account can often be used to hack into another. It’s also important to change your passwords regularly, especially if they have been compromised. You can find out if your password has been leaked by visiting

Better: Use a password manager.

It can be a lot to remember all those complicated passwords, especially if you’re changing them constantly.  If you use a password manager, you only have to remember one strong password. The app then generates passwords for all your accounts and auto-fills them for you.  You can also set it to change your passwords regularly. LastPass is a great free option, with an upgraded subscription for only $3/month.  


Good: Turn on two-factor identification.

Two-factor identification helps to verify your identity by texting a code to your phone whenever your IG is accessed by a new device. To enable two-factor identification, go to SETTINGS on your Instagram profile, and scroll down to TWO FACTOR IDENTIFICATION. Then, tap the slider to the “on” position. The app will prompt you to add your phone number if you haven’t already.

Better: Use an Authentication App

Unfortunately, one of the primary ways that hackers break into accounts is through SIM Swapping, or having your phone number transferred to another SIM card. This allows them to easily by-pass two-factor identification through SMS. Fortunately, Instagram now allows you to use authentication apps like Google Authenticator. The code for the two-step authentication will be sent to the app instead of to your phone number, so a hacker would have to have your physical phone in hand to log in to your account. Just select AUTHENTICATION APP as your preferred method of authentication. If the app is installed, the code will automatically populate.  It’s super easy!


Good: Be critical of unknown correspondents 

Some hackers are tricking influencers into giving away their passwords by posing as brands looking for collaborations. The hackers ask the influencer to verify their identity with their username and password, similar to how many legitimate companies - including Obviously - work. But instead of signing you up for a service or platform, the hacker steals your information.  Before signing up for any third-party apps or platforms, verify that the company is legitimate. A quick check to their IG page or their company website can go a long way.

Better: Revoke access to suspicious third-parties.

Make sure you haven’t granted access to any third-party app that violates Instagram’s policies. Bot accounts used to purchase followers are against Instagram’s rules and pose a security risk, so revoke access by going to SETTINGS then AUTHORIZED APPS and removing them.  

Instagram is currently testing tools that will make it easier to recover your account if it’s stolen, but in the meantime, take a few minutes to put extra protections in place to keep your account safe and secure.

How do you keep your account safe? Let us know in the comments!

Emily BarozComment