Top 5 Influencer Trends from NYFW 2019

Shopbop’s NYFW Pop-Up in SOHO  PC: @chelseafives

Shopbop’s NYFW Pop-Up in SOHO
PC: @chelseafives

Influencers have their fingers on the pulse of culture, and they know how to break down the latest trends. We reached out to influencers attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for insight into what’s new this season.

Here’s what we learned from 230+ responses from the Obviously influencer community.

The Rise of Experiential Pop-Up.

Brands are turning away from the traditional runway show in favor of more free-flowing events catering intentionally to influencers. For example, the Shopbop and Mejuri pop-ups were among the most popular events our influencer planned to attend, and both of those brands actively reached out to influencers of all sizes.  By making their event accessible to a wide range of influencers over a number of days, they ensured that their brands would dominate the social media conversation throughout the week. 

Brand Values Matter.

Millennial and GenZ consumers are interested in fashion that grapples with our cultural moment. 

This year, the number-one show our influencers looked forward to was Pyer Moss, whose “American Also: Lesson 3” was inspired by Sister Rossetta Tharpe, a queer black woman credited with the creation of rock-and-roll.  Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond created a line that imagined what would have happened if rock-and-roll style had evolved within the black community, rather than being co-opted by a predominantly white audience. 

Socially-conscious fashion resonates with influencers, many of whom are challenging mainstream beauty and fashion standards in their own work. They’re interested in representing brands that espouse their same values, which in turn puts pressure on brands to think more deeply about the greater context in which they operate.  


Several influencers stressed that they were prioritizing sustainability both in the designers they turned up to support and in their own fashion choices. But sustainability comes with concerns about cost. Many influencers admitted to sporting fast-fashion brands such as Zara, pointing to a tension between the desire for sustainability and the need for affordability. In order to overcome this challenge, the trend toward thrifted clothes has continued to rise.

This has turned the What Goes Around Comes Around vintage showroom into a must-visit spot when prepping for NYFW.  Other influencers have turned to rental sites, such as Rent the Runway, for affordable styles that cut down on clothing waste.

Bold is beautiful. 

Influencers are predicting that bold colors, prints, and oversized silhouettes are going to dominate the runway this year. Overwhelmingly, these fashionistas predicted that menswear - suits, boxy shapes, oversized shoulders - will be paired with feminine touches like satin or other mixed fabrics and a pastel palette for fall. The “bold is better” mantra extends to the colors on this NYFW’s palette (brights, neons), prints (especially animal prints), and materials (feathers, furs, etc).  

Archived Fashion. 

Vintage isn’t only popular for its sustainability. Influencers are predicting an overall resurgence of so-called archived fashions from the 90’s, with plaids, bucket hats, tiny bags, and statement headbands making a come back. Earlier decades are getting a spotlight too, with flared pants from the 70’s mixing with with 80s menswear silhouettes. The most on-trend looks juxtapose  elements of vintage style with contemporary fashions for a completely re-imagined look. 

What’s your favorite NYFW trend?

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