#AdExplosion: Wolf Turner on telling stories with video

Collaborations breed creativity. For influencers, many of whom are artists in their own right, the right collaboration can be a spark of inspiration. The best ads aren’t ads at all, but stories that allow us to get lost in a dream for a little while. Here at Obviously, we are fortunate to work with many of the top creators in the industry, so we see incredible content every day. But we know we’ve found something special when we find ourselves getting lost in a story. Our #AdExplosion series takes a close look at some of the most inspired content to come from Obviously collaborations, breaking down the process with the creator and getting a feel for how they landed where they did.

This week, we’re taking a look at Wolf Turner’s rustic video for Jaquard, a high-tech commuter jacket. We were drawn to his video because of the seamless way he showed off the jacket’s modern, tech-infused, features, while simultaneously telling a story of nostalgia and the open road.

Check out the interview for tips on creating Instagram videos that are more like short films, from a pro with a passion.

First, tell us a little about yourself: Name, Age, Where You’re from?

My name is Wolf Turner, I’m 28 and I’m based out of Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. I travel back and forth. 

How did you first get into filmmaking and photography and how did that transition to social media?

My interest in filmmaking started when I was about 6 years old and I spent my childhood making home movies with a VHS cam corder. I made my first feature film when I was only 16. As I got older, my passion for creating continued to grow and I found that social media was the perfect way for me to share my projects with an audience. At the time, I was living with my friends Chase Lett and Ana Molina and we helped push each other to constantly create content and grow. Having a supportive environment and friends was really the best motivation for me. 

Describe your aesthetic.  What draws you in and what kind of content do you like to create?

I’m always wanting to create something new and unique yet keep a cohesive style. When it comes to aesthetics, my principles are keeping it edgy and rustic yet appealing to a wide audience. Motorcycles, skateboarding, classic cars, and music are all a big part of my life and I enjoy incorporating them into my posts. It helps keep things authentic to myself and show my personality. 

Tell us a little about your process.  How did you go about planning this video for your Instagram feed?

When I first get selected for a campaign, I think of what kind of advertisement would make me want to buy this product. I then research the company in order to create something that coincides with the vision that they have. My video production process can be time consuming so I plan everything from music to the location before I even receive the product. 

Tell us about your team.  Who do you work with when creating content?

Working in the film industry, I learned that the way content is created is being shifted. In this day and age, you have to be able to wear a lot of hats. I direct, edit, and produce. I usually have one other person, Hanna Milosevich, assist me with production and camera operation. 

A large portion of your feed is black and white.  What draws you to this aesthetic and how do you decide whether to use black and white or color?

I was a Senior Video Producer for the Hollywood magazine and website The Wrap. From working with celebrities and magazine professionals, I saw how important it was for your social media to work well as a whole. Making my feed black and white helps it all flow well together and gives off the vibe I’m aiming for. I’m a big fan of classic black and white film photography and I feel it shows more raw emotion and story telling than color. 

What story were you aiming to tell with this video?

The story I was aiming to tell with this video is that the Jacquard jacket works well for anyone, and the technology works even in the countryside. Most of the other posts of the Jacquard jacket took place in an urban atmosphere when most average people don’t live in cities. I wanted to appeal to the everyday person as well as show some of the jacket’s features and how it can be applied in daily life. 

The music is a major part of the storytelling in this video.  How did you conceive this aspect and how did you go about accomplishing it?

I understand that for videos, music is just as important for storytelling as visuals. It helps move along the story as well as transitioning into other scenes. I wanted to make the beginning more upbeat to help draw in the viewer and then I wanted the jacket to change the tone midway to take you on a relaxing ride. I also learned the hard way when making videos, personal or for a client, you need to have the rights for the music so I always buy the rights to everything I use. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about what went into creating your video for Jaquard?

It was raining and I got soaking wet when filming, but that was the day we had planned to shoot so I knew the show must go on. You have to learn to be flexible and adapt in order to make great content and meet your deadlines.

Finally, tell us about the star of the video: that sweet bike!

Her name is Lucy Liu and she’s a Yamaha 650 Vstar Classic. She’s been across the country and on the Snapchat Channel ‘Brother’ as well as in photo shoot with Alexander Ludwig for The show ‘Vikings’ so I guess she really is a star.

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