This Week at Obviously: ShopBop, Biore, Sephora


With a lot of college students heading home for the holidays, Shopbop collaborated with Pam&Gela to make homecoming a little sweeter. Our influencers were given exclusive college sweats to represent their universities wherever they go. Who knew that athleisure could be so cute and comfortable?


It’s no secret that Bioré pore strips are number one selling strip on the market. Effectively cleaning pores for 20 years, Bioré is the expert on pores, and our influencers can attest to that. Can you believe that each strip draws out an entire week's worth of build up in just ten minutes? With regular use, they can reduce the appearance of your pores.

Sephora Play!

Who doesn’t love a box full of awesome beauty products delivered to their front door?! Our influencers received Sephora’s November Play! Box filled with goodies from Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Origins, and more. If you are interested in sampling them for yourself, click here!