Influencer Spotlight: Kevin Benejam

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This week we are highlighting Kevin Benejam's sharp sense of style and super cool photography.

Name: Kevin Benejam (@kevinbenejam)

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Name: Kevin Benejam a.k.a. KB 

Where are you from?: I am originally from the Bronx, New York. Born and raised in New York. My family is from Puerto Rico

What is your Instagram/blog page all about?: My Instagram page blog is all about inspiring people to become their best version of themselves through personal style and living. I want to be an example of what is possible. I am also starting an online show called "On Trend" where I will be interviewing the most inspirational people in fashion and entrepreneurship. I want to give my audience the tools to succeed in any area in life. 

Where do you get inspiration from?: I get my inspiration from anywhere really. I love walking around Manhattan. Especially Soho, Tribeca and West Village. I love looking at what people are wearing and going into small boutiques to see what designers are creating. I also get a lot of inspiration from books and autobiographies. I am currently reading the biography of Elon Musk, it makes you feel you can do anything. He's literally taking people to space.

What is your favorite campaign with Obviously and why?: My favorite campaign was Hackett London. I absolutely love the brand. I love the elegance and the quality of the product. Every time I wear a Hackett London Jacket I always get compliments. I love aligning myself with brands that are high quality. 

If you could list 3 of your favorite Instagram pages, who are they and why?@iamgalla  - I love the way the incorporates his fashion with travel but in an editorial way. The quality of his photos are probably the best I've seen in the menswear blogger space. @levitatestyle - he shows you how to look good in any style, street style or classic style. I also like how he incorporates videos into his brand.  @gq - well because it's GQ. I love the way they put together editorial photoshoots with a great story attached to it. 

What is your favorite restaurant?  I would have to say Locanda Verde. I always love the ambiance and the food is always impeccable. I am also a fan of any restaurant owned by my favorite actor Robert De Niro. 

Your favorite place(s) to take photos?: My favorite place to take photos is Soho. Mostly because of the cobblestone streets and the cast iron buildings. The aesthetics and depth it provides for photos are absolutely remarkable.

Favorite social media platform and why?  Instagram without a doubt. I believe it's because it's so easy to use and it's the most popular social media platform right now. Your pictures and content are very easily accessible to the public through hashtags and geotags. When starting a business and brand, Instagram is the easiest way to be seen and gain traction. 

What sets your feed apart from others?:  I believe what sets my feed apart from others is how I mix fashion, style with inspiration. I show my audience how to really pull off any style. I am also starting a new show called On Trend With KB where I will be having conversations with the most inspirational people in fashion and entrepreneurship. The show will have episodes and each episode will have 3 parts. I don't think many influencers are doing that right now. 

Top 3 apps on your iPhone?  I love VSCO, YouTube and Instagram obviously :) 

Social media trend you’d like to see less of and why?  I think a trend I would like to see less of is people promoting companies or products that does not align with their brand. You can tell when someone does a promotion just for the money or when they actually believe in the brand.

Favorite inspirational quote and why?  I have so many favorite quotes, but one that comes to mind is: "Other people's opinion of you does not have to be your reality" I love this because what stops a lot of people is the opinion of others and I was and still am guilty of that sometimes. We have to learn that someone's opinion doesn't mean a thing. Walt Disney was fired from a job because they said he didn't have imagination ... 

Where can we find you on social media!  @kevinbenejam on all social!