Obviously Social x Daily Beast


THE CHALLENGE: The Daily Beast hired us to held spread the word about their revolutionary global LBGT rights conference, Quorum. For the event, The Beast asked us to create social media buzz around the event, produce content for TDB’s platforms, and find and work with influencers to spark grassroots interest and hype.

HOW WE DID IT: * We took over The Beast's social media accounts and created over 150 pieces of content, including 35 pieces of custom designed, real-life, content. * We collaborated with 42 influential social media users who also attended the event. These influencers created their own innovative content to share with their followers, who sent out tweets and Instagram photos using the hashtags #LGBT and #Quorum. 
* We worked with The Daily Beast's official partners, Hello, Mr. Magazine, and Glad, to generate content for their feeds and promote the event.

Posts from our influencers:

Posts from Daily Beast partners: