Influencer Spotlight: Uniqlo collaborators

Q&A with collaborators @indaheart, @jasonroars, @LadyLemonsalt, and @franciskenneth

This week we want to introduce you to four of our awesome collaborators: Inda (@indaheart),  Jason (@jasonroars), Emma (@ladylemonsalt), and Francis (@franciskenneth). We asked these Instagrammers a few questions about how they use social media to curate their online personas and how they have been able to grow by collaborating with companies.

OS: Since you’ve started collaborating with Uniqlo and other brands on Instagram, have you noticed any changes to your feeds -- did you get more followers, shares and likes?

Indah: I've gained more shares & engagement on my social media accounts, whether it was on Instagram, lookbook or tumblr.

Francis: Collaborating with Uniqlo has been great, and anytime they've reposted my work, I've definitely seen a positive change via shares and likes.

Emma: I feel that there is a positive change in my social feeds. I especially like giving my 3D figurine for a cause when working with UNIQLO and I think my followers like it as well.

OS: What do you enjoy most about your life on social media?

Indah: What I enjoy the most about my life on social media is that I've met other creatives in LA & collaborate with them in photography and fashion!

Francis: What I enjoy most about my life on my social media is that it's a direct reflection of who I am and what I'm about. Some of my peers say I'm too honest, but I just want to be as genuine as possible - even if that means showing how weird I really am.

Emma: I enjoy sharing experiences. Social media makes us more connected than we’ve ever been in the history of mankind. It’s incredible to instantly see people sharing ideas and their personal lives.

Jason: It is my main source of marketing for my event and wedding planning business. With the short/quick attention spans, posting the right image can create a lot of buzz on your brand.

OS: What is your favorite part of creating a post? Is it the editing of the photo, brainstorming your outfit/content or full blown spontaneity?

Francis: My favorite part about creating a post would have to be the creative direction. I try to not only make my posts relevant to almost everyone, but also fun, artistic, and again, genuine to my "branding," for lack of a better word.

Emma: My favorite thing about making a post is creating the outfit. My style can be so kooky! The crazier the better for sure. Editing photos is always fun. My favorite app is VSCO cam, I have all the filters!

OS: Which feeds are your favorite? What’s the coolest interaction you’ve had on social media with other users?

Emma: My favorite feed would have to be Tavi Gevinson, I definitely relate to her as a young blogger and entrepreneur and her style and wit is fascinating! One of my coolest interactions was when Alexa Chung liked and commented on one of my pictures. Another was when American Apparel used one of my selfies for their window display.

Jason: I love to have people from all over the world commenting on my posts. Seeing how widespread my images are being seen is really exciting.

OS: And since you did such a great job with us, have any other brands asked for you to collaborate with them, too? We hope that your accounts are growing!

Indah: Yes! I've worked with Fevrie FashionTOBI375rollacoster clothingCSBLAlack of color (AUS), FashionTap app, and I'd love to collaborate with more brands!

Francis: Yes. Yes. Yes, and for that, I'm eternally grateful!

Emma: Before working with Obviously Social, I worked with MZ Wallace and was an influencer and marketer for them. Now I do freelance marketing for a company in SoHo, and working with UNIQLO has opened up a lot of opportunities for me!

Jason: I have been contacted by other companies and am in the process of working with some exciting new brands.