Influencer Spotlight: Lainey and Nick

Q&A with collaborators @din0nick and @iamfashionlaine

This week we want to introduce you to two more of our amazing collaborators, @din0nick and @iamfashionlaine. We’ll be shining the spotlight on these two bloggers and how they use social media to create stunning visuals which allow them to develop their online personas.

Often seen traveling with partner in crime Quan (@geneticboi), Nick is also a keen nature photographer, who, in addition to his love for a well-composed photograph, shows off his ever so simple yet modern sense of style. Behind his success are 14.5K fans, praising his powerful photos.


If you are looking for power that comes through in vibrant colors, Elaine's page is one you should follow if you are not already one of the 36.8K that do. This Persian fashion blogger’s vibrant Instagram gives you a snippet of what this fashionista’s closet and life looks like; needless to say, full of fun, adventure and style.


OS: Since you’ve started collaborating with brands on Instagram, have you noticed any changes to your feeds -- did you get more followers, shares and likes?

Nick: My social feed, specifically Instagram, has gotten a lot more followers and traffic in a positive way. I have to say since working with OS I have gained around 2000 followers. It has really opened up the spectrum of people my Instagram attracts which I really appreciate, because I find it fulfilling my photos' appeal to all types of people rather than just a certain niche.

Elaine: Every time I post a photo from a campaign I've done with you guys I get high interactions.

Fashionlaine Uniqlo1.png

OS: What do you enjoy most about your life on social media?

Elaine: I love being able to share my thoughts, what I am doing, what I’m wearing, as well as showing my personality with people around the world.

Nick: My social media life has opened the door to meeting so many talented people and friends. The connections I make with people from around the world and close by have become so easy and this coincides with traveling, because it is a lot easier visiting a new place when you know someone there already. It has been such a great tool in sharing everything from places to visit, products I like, and just my own photography work.

Fashionlaine comments.png

OS: What is your favorite part of creating a post? Is it the editing of the photo, brainstorming your outfit/content or full blown spontaneity?

Nick: My favorite part of creating a post is composing the photo. It is a challenge to find the right setting, outfit, and to make it unique and interesting, and it is ever so fulfilling when you know you got the shot and are eager to post it to share with others.

Elaine: I love brainstorming fun and creative content with people and see how they react to it.

OS: Which feeds are your favorite? What’s the coolest interaction you’ve had on social media with other other users?

Nick: I really enjoy lifestyle and adventure photos and photos where I am just in awe of how they captured the shot. Some fellow Instagrammers whose feeds I enjoy are @geneticboi, @tm4w, @laurenwithrow to name a few. The coolest interaction I had on social media was when I went on a crazy road trip to Marfa, Texas to visit an art installation called Prada Marfa. It was a four day journey in a car packed with four other Instagrammers, and we were all meeting in person for the first time but have been friends on social media for a while. It could have been real bad being in such confined spaces with strangers but it was one of the most memorable trips I've taken and we are all still great friends.

Elaine: There are a few brands I like such as Sabo Skirt based in Australia, photographer Gray Malin, and blogger Nicole Warne.

OS: We definitely thought our collaborations with you have been a success thus far, so do did you find that any other brands reached out to you to collaborate, too? We hope that your accounts are growing!

Nick: Yes, a few other brands here and there. Some smaller independent start-up brands and more well known ones.

Elaine: I work with unique brands and partners all the time, and it's fun being able to use my campaign with Uniqlo as a reference point.