Team Obviously Q&A: Meet Kim!

Our team rocks! Our pride and joy lies in the awesome people that work on Team Obviously and the sheer amount of talent they bring to the table.   

I'm Aaron. I'm the newest member of Team Obviously.  In order to get know my Obviously fam, I'm embarking on a quest to chat up every member of Team Obviously. 

Today I sat down with the lovely Kim. Fearless office cheerleader, lipstick goddess and the best EA you'll ever meet.

Team Alias: Kimbo Slice! 


Aaron: What’s your role at Obviously? Assigned role and informal one. Ya know like "queen of snacks," etc.

Kim: I am the right hand lady to our fearless leader, Mae. I also manage/lead events and brand partnership opportunities. Unofficially: I’m the office mom & therapist. Free of charge.

Aaron: Obviously...

Kim: Obviously...


Aaron: What’s your Instagram filter of choice? Important questions, I know. 

Kim: I always end up making my own custom setting. (It’s a healthy mix of contrast, structure, saturation, vignette, and sharpen) My Insta has a very Brooklyn aesthetic. You should follow me at @schwabbish!

Aaron: Do that ASAP kids! 


Aaron: Tell us how your career lead you to Obviously.

Kim: I’ve worked in early stage tech start-ups for the last three years. When the opportunity presented itself to work with a badass female CEO like Mae -- I knew I had to come on board.


Aaron: What type of influencers do you follow? And do any of them follow you back?

Kim: I have an eclectic influencer taste.

Aaron: Do tell...

Kim: I follow:

@DrunkBakers > favorite bar/bakery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

@FoodBabyNY > favorite NY foodie blog. They don’t follow me -- but I met them on the street once! They gave me an ice cream cone! Yas!

@SaraErenthalArt > favorite Brooklyn based street artist -- refurbishes pieces.


Aaron: Tell me something about Obviously that others may be surprised to hear? (I heard there’s candy available upon request for influencers… True or not true?)

Kim:  True true true! We all answer our own emails! No robots/bots -- 100% authentic, 100% of the time. We have a vault of Corgi socks. We’re within walking distance of the best food Little Italy has to offer.

Aaron: Kim K, Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney or Khloe? And Obviously, why?

Kim: My namesake. She is the original, OG influencer.

kimk .gif


Aaron: What’s the most obvious thing about us here at Obviously?

Kim: We are a super-close team who are genuinely obsessed with each other. We work everyday to make the Obviously experience a good one for influencers and clients :)


Obsessed is right. Be sure to follow the lovely Kim @schwabbish. Check out the blog same time next week to meet more of Team Obviously!