The beauty products Team Obviously can't live without

The ladies here at Obviously will always find time to discuss our latest beauty obsessions and finds and convince each other that "THIS PRODUCT" is the "BEST" and why we "CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT." Luckily each of us is equally obsessed with makeup and skincare, and we want to share all of our holy grail products with you! 


Our SHE-E-O, Mae, knows how to nail down the au-naturale-polished-only-have-10-minutes look. These products are always on her desk, so we know she really stands by them. 

1. ILIA LIPSTICK:  I discovered this lipstick in the wee hours of the morning on Sephora and on a whim, bought it. It's now a staple in my makeup bag and on my desk! When I have a big meeting, I always want a little lip color without people glaring at my face -- it can be really distracting! Also, this is extremely conditioning and really easy to apply whenever I'm in a cab. 

2. HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING BLUSH:  This blush gives me just the right amount of color; it has a really pretty soft sparkle that makes you look like you have the healthiest glow.

3. SULWHASOO FIRST CARE ACTIVATING SERUM:  This is the best serum I've tried! It absorbs quickly, smells natural and fresh, and keeps my skin looking and feeling great. Skincare is SO important to my routine because I want to look awake and energized for all of my back-to-back meetings. This does the trick. 

4. COVERGIRL SMOOTHERS CONCEALER:  This is an OG fave and it's never let me down. I don't sleep much, so I need a concealer for my under eyes that I can really paint on without looking crazy. 

4. COLOURPOP ULTRA MATTE LIP: Colourpop is killing it with their collaborations and I love their amazing price point. I have about 20 (don't judge!) of their ultra matte liquid lipsticks and they're usually reserved for in-the-office days and for weekend looks. 

6. TARTE LIGHTS, CAMERA, SPLASHES MASCARA: I love mascaras that make my lashes look like I'm "not wearing" any mascara. 

The stunning Alex, our Director of Influencer Engagement, lives and loves makeup and skincare, so we know her picks are super legit. Here are some of her must-haves to achieve her bombshell everyday look. (Total coincidence: like Mae, she swears by the Hourglass blush!)

1. SUNDAY RILEY GOOD GENES ALL-IN-ONE LACTIC ACID TREATMENT: This is the most expensive item in my entire skincare and beauty collection. The price is hard to swallow, but it makes my skin glow and "plump up" almost instantly. And it's completely un-dupe-able, trust me, I've tried.

2. HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING BLUSH: I seriously hate blush because it's easy to put on too much and potentially ruin your whole look. Because this one has highlighter swirled in, it builds slowly and is hard to overdo. I actually hit pan on this, which is unprecedented for me and blush!

3. BITE AMUSE BOUCHE LIPSTICK: The creamiest and best smelling lipstick ever. The ingredients are all natural and edible (!!) so you never have to feel gross about basically slowly eating a tube of lipstick. My favorite shade is Eggplant.

4. LIVING PROOF PRIME STYLE EXTENDER: I have a lot of hair and wear it super long, so daily washing is not happening. Putting a little of this stuff in before blow drying makes my second and third-day hair look deceptively fresh. Thanks, Jennifer Aniston!

5. TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA: I'm a firm believer in layering two mascaras, and this is the one I love most for adding volume. It really bulks up well without clumping.


Our super chic Director of Product Ops, Miriam, looks effortless all.the.time. Her beauty routine, which is quite minimal, is achievable and will make you look and feel put together instantly.    

1. GIORGIO ARMANI EYES TO KILL MASCARA:  When wearing this mascara, I get compliments on how long my lashes look. No other mascara makes my lashes look as long and full as this one does. It doesn't streak and isn't clumpy, even toward the end of its rope.

2. BITE BEAUTY HIGH PIGMENT PENCIL: For a day when you need moisture and color but don't want to commit to a lipstick/liner combo, these pencils are perfect. They go on easily and smoothly, and the colors are gorgeous.  

3. KORRES WILD ROSE FACE AND EYE SERUM:  One of the few serums out there that can also be used under the eyes, this serum has changed my skin. Combined with any rose petal or rose water toner, the formula has smoothed and evened out my skin tone. Since using it daily, I haven't had a single day with flaky, dry skin. It smells amazing and absorbs into the skin well. 

4. GIORGIO ARMANI MASTER CORRECTOR CONCEALER: As someone who for most of her makeup life considered "full face" to be simply using concealer under the eyes, I've gone through a ton of different brands and this one, is the only one that covers my dark circles and evens out my skin tone without caking or creating fine lines as the day goes on. It's super silky and worth every penny. A little goes a long way! 

5. FIRST AID BEAUTY ULTRA REPAIR CREAM: This cream can be used all over, but I love it on super dry winter days, or after using a mask. It's packed with antioxidants and feels great - it is not greasy at all. 

Our creative director AKA in-house makeup artist prides herself on how self-aware she is that her makeup routine is high-maintenance and intense! But, it's fun for her and she knows how to nail down a sultry smokey eye look in less than five minutes. 

1. TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION:  I always hated wearing foundation, believe it or not. I hated how streaky certain formulas were or some dried out my skin! But, when Too Faced came out with this foundation that is infused with coconut water, I freaked out. It honestly goes on so smoothly, leaves my face feeling moisturized (which is so weird for foundations to do!), and gives me that flawless look. OBSESSED. 

2. TATCHA OVERNIGHT MEMORY SERUM: So, I am a huge, HUGE fan of overnight treatments. The idea that a product will do the work as you sleep is just brilliant. This serum, which has a fun gel-like texture, has given me radiant skin in the morning. Who doesn't love waking up to that? 

3. MAC TRAX EYESHADOW: When I was an eager-makeup-artist-wannabe at 16 years old, I had the opportunity to learn everything I know now from this lovely MAC makeup artist who did all the makeup looks for our theater program. He told me, that this particular color was going to be my signature color for the rest of my life. It's the prettiest shade of purple, with glimmers of gold, and I have been wearing it every single day, for 14 years. 

4.  GUCCI POWER LIQUID LINER: I don't leave the house without a cat-eye. This liquid liner pen saves me so much time in the morning. I don't have to go over my line 2-3 times to get the carbon black look that I always achieve. One stroke, one powerful AF line. 

5. FALSE EYELASHES:  I've never met a falsie I didn't like. I will not leave the house without a pair of falsies on. It really makes me feel so confident in the morning which translates to the overall attitude for my day.  

6. CLARINS INSTANT LIGHT LIP PERFECTOR: I very rarely wear lip color because I put so much focus on my eye makeup. So, I usually opt for a tinted lip balm or this lip perfector. It's super easy to apply, moisturizes my lips pretty well, and has a nice natural pink hue. 

Our always-on-fleek Account Manager, Ashley Buchanan, keeps her beauty routine fuss-free.  She also has the most on-point eyebrows we've ever seen! 

1. STILA STAY ALL DAY WATERPROOF LIQUID EYELINER: This has been my holy grail since I was 14 and knee-deep in an emo phase. It has since transitioned into my perfect signature look that I wear on the daily and is the ONLY liner that can survive a New York heat wave and stay flawless

2. CLINIQUE PEP START EYE CREAM: You could honestly use the bags under my eyes in the morning to go on a month-long sabbatical so an eye cream that de-puffs is critical. 

3. URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 PALETTE:  Kind of a cop-out since it's everyone's favorite, but what can I say? It's my Brokeback Mountain. I just can't quit it.  

4. OPI NAIL POLISH: I don't feel like myself without perfect nails and OPI is my #1 for long wear and zero chipping. 

5. KAT VON D EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK:  Statement lips make me feel like the adult a college degree never could -- and this shade of this liquid lip is my current obsession.