Influencer Spotlight: Christina Park

1) Name: Christina Park (@talesfromthethrift)

2) Hometown: I grew up in Terre Haute, IN, but currently live in Queens.

3) Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram! I'm always discovering so many cool people, images, and brunch dishes on Insta!

4) Favorite Photo Editing App: I really love A Color Story. The app's POP filter does wonders!

5) Favorite Spot in NYC to Take Photos: I like finding quiet tree-lined streets on either the UWS or UES, where it's easier to take middle-of-the-street shots without risking your life.

6) Biggest Lesson You've Learned About Working with Brands: It's so important to make sure the brand is one you actually love and appreciate, otherwise the project ends up feeling more like a chore instead of something fun to style or photograph. And who needs more chores in their life?!

7) Favorite Project You've Worked on With! I loved working with Bluefly on a NYFW project. I ended up getting to style the prettiest dress, and Bluefly was such a great fit for my blog, which focuses on looking stylish for less!

8) Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow and Why: My faves accounts include that of my blogger bestie, @sunitav_. Her photos, clothes, and hair are to die for! I also love @colormecourtney and @freddieharrel for major style inspo, and I also follow @pumpkintheraccoon, because she's super cute and it always cracks me up that we live in an era in which a raccoon can have almost a million followers! *insert crying laughing emoji face*

9) Favorite Restaurant in NYC and Why:  I like bringing out-of-towners to Freemans. It's such a classic NYC brunch place, and the food is always on point. I just try to get there early to avoid the long weekend waits!

10) Favorite Store in NYC and Why: I love AuH2O in the East Village. It's a fun secondhand shop and you can always find something cute and unique, without spending a fortune. Plus, everyone that works there is so nice and friendly!