Top five beauty forums on Reddit

Although it can seem confusing, and somewhat aesthetically displeasing, you may be surprised to learn that Reddit is actually home to some of the best beauty forums on the Internet.

I used to never wear makeup, and when I got curious about trying it out, Reddit is where I learned everything I know today about beauty. (Not a great financial decision but certainly a lot of fun!) Check out these communities for a diverse group of ladies — and some adventurous men! — who trade up-to-the-minute news, products, tips, and tutorials.

r/MakeupAddiction (345k subscribers)

By far the largest of beauty subreddits, this is where you’ll find out about new products and offers the second they launch. It’s almost eerie how fast these detectives find the dirt. r/MUA is a great spot to ask for advice and get inspiration from the FOTDs (Face of the Day) that subscribers show off. You’ll see trends being born right before your eyes — Instagram crazes like greige lips and rainbow highlighter took off here first.

r/IndieMakeupandMore (23k subscribers)

More into Etsy finds than luxury brands? You’ll find likeminded Redditors here. There’s a totally different world of makeup outside of Sephora and Ulta, and they are mostly only available online. Since you usually can’t go test out the products in person, the comprehensive swatches and reviews you’ll find here are a great place to start. The fandom-themed products and uber-colorful eye pigments are especially tempting!

Beauty Guru Chatter (19k subscribers)

If YouTube is your happy place, this is your tribe. Both superstar beauty gurus and up-and-comers that you might have not heard of are discussed here. If you’re searching for a guru who looks like you, or want a roundup of tutorials on a certain trend, the subscribers here will know just what to do. There’s a heavy dose of gossip too, but the moderators keep things civil. 

r/AsianBeauty (70k subscribers)

Don’t forget about skincare! The regulars of r/AsianBeauty really know their stuff when it comes to cutting-edge ingredients from South Korea, Japan, and more. For any skin concern you have, there’s a genius product they can point to. Before you know it, you’ll know your AHAs from your BHAs and be totally obsessed with sheet masks. There’s makeup, too, in only the most adorable packaging you’ve ever seen.

r/MakeupRehab (16k followers)

If your addiction is getting a little out of hand, there’s always rehab. This supportive community shares tips on how to buy fewer new products and make the most of what you already have. You won’t hear about the latest discounts or limited edition releases here. Instead, you can share in success stories of saying no to temptation, repurposing forgotten purchases, and completely finishing (or “panning”) your favorite makeup.