This Week at Obviously: Thinx, Sephora, Harry & David

We're always working on unique and captivating campaigns with our clients and influencers and we want to highlight some of the influencers' content. This week, we wanted to share some of the top THINX (the only period-proof underwear on the market!) posts. We love how creative and passionate some of the influencers discuss these products. 

THE BRAND: THINX, the only period-proof underwear. Because every woman deserves peace of mind. 

CAMPAIGN: Have influencers talk about how they would use THINX in their daily lives! 


THE CAMPAIGN: Influencers show how they'll use these gorgeous lip stains! 

THE BRAND: HARRY AND DAVID Offering Gourmet Gifts Since 1934

THE CAMPAIGN: Influencers to share how they'll use Harry and David's Valentine's Day treats for the upcoming holiday.