This Week At Obviously: Chuao Chocolatier, Pantene, Thursday Finest

May has been a heavy month filled with various projects for our influencers! We had three huge campaigns in particular that gave influencers the opportunity to get creative. Check out some of their posts below! 

Chuao Chocolatier - Influencers were given Chuao's decadent chocolates to taste and enjoy their unique and mouthwatering flavors!  (@hillheady, @christina_huxin, @simply.agnieszka)

Pantene Gold Collection Series- A drugstore favorite, beauty influencers were given Pantene's Gold Collection hair products and share the results on their pages. How stunning are they?! (@commonpolished, @themodaintersection, @fashionrevolutionary)

Thursday Finest x Obviously Social - Our fashion influencers were given these custom Thursday Finest neck ties to wear in their everyday style. They NAILED it.  @sweetjellybean5, @tsetan_c, @wonderlostxx )