How We Work: Obviously Goes Global

Each day, I am fortunate to interact with influencers from all over the world who love working with Obviously.  For a company with a relatively small (but growing!) team, we've made a huge global impact, collaborating in countries as far off as Australia, The United Arab Emirates, and France (just to name a few). Obviously does an incredible job balancing the global aspect of our work while maintaining a personal relationship with influencers and a local vibe to campaigns.  However, I've come to realize that many influencers either aren't aware of Obviously's global reach or they misunderstand how we work worldwide.  So today, I'm going to give a quick run-down of Obviously's international projects and how you can work with us if you're located outside the US.

@maaraym.k  for Tarte, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate

@maaraym.k for Tarte, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate

Where is Obviously located?

We have offices in New York, San Francisco, and Paris, as well as personnel based in Australia. This does not mean, however, that all of our projects are located in these countries.  That's the beauty of the internet! We have run collaborations in the Middle East, for example, out of our office in NYC and projects in the UK out of our office in Paris.  You do not need to be located in an Obviously city or country to work with us.

If you work all over the world, why haven't I seen a project in my country?

While we're rapidly expanding to every corner of the globe, we don't necessarily have a project going on in every country at every moment (although we'd love to!)  It might take some extra time to match you with the perfect project based on your interests and location. Please be patient.  We'll reach out the moment we have something that is a good fit.

I'm located in Europe, but most of my audience is US-based. Can I work on a US project?

Unfortunately, for shipping expense reasons, projects are based on the location of the influencer rather than that of their audience.  We also have to make sure that the product an influencer is promoting is available in their specific area.

@ sofashioned_by_steffy   for Tarte, Zurich, Germany

@sofashioned_by_steffy for Tarte, Zurich, Germany

Do you speak my language?

Our primary languages at this time are English, French, and Spanish, but we don't let that limit us.  We have several solutions for collaborating in different languages and we will do our best to provide you with the service you need.

I'm constantly traveling.  How can I collaborate?

This is absolutely doable, but requires a little extra work on your part.  Please keep your current location up-to-date on studio, and if you have a "home base" city or an address where someone can receive packages for you, that is helpful to know as well.  We work with tons of travel brands who love influencers on the move, so please keep us in the loop!

Social Media has made it  easier than ever to connest across oceans and across the globe.  Obviously is thrilled to be on the cutting-edge of influencer marketing worldwide.

If you're an international influencer with questions about working with Obviously, please feel free to reach out at  

@demitra_ps  for Plymouth Gin, Athens, Greece

@demitra_ps for Plymouth Gin, Athens, Greece

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