#AdExplosion: Neto Soberanes and K-Swiss

Obviously is an incredible community of innovators.  On every project, there are multiple posts that impress us with the creativity, originality, and  extra effort the influencer took to make them.  I would love to be able to highlight every amazing post that I see, but unfortunately there are a few other things I have to do each day.

I've decided to shine a light on some of our most effective ads, breaking them down, or exploding them, to get an idea of how they were both conceived and created.  This month, we're exploding this stunning image from Neto Soberanes @venetosobranes, which he created for his collaboration with K-Swiss and their classic ST329 sneaker.  I hope his insights can provide some guidance and inspiration for your next project.



How did you first become interested in fashion and social media?

Fashion was something I loved at a very young age and felt so passionate about. From cutting up my shorts to altering my school uniform (I hated wearing the same outfit as everybody else lol). I always saw fashion as a form of expression. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be. Back in the days social media wasn’t as important as it is today so that path actually escalated after a couple of jobs within the fashion industry where I realized I could be working and expressing throughout social media. Bingo!



I noticed you're in Cabo (so jealous!) What do you love about Cabo and how has being there influenced your recent content?

My favorite thing about Cabo is the ocean then the beach then those frozen margatitas (LOL). I knew that the color blue would play a fundamental part in my content during my stay so I incorporated that color scheme in my feed. 

I love the modern art, almost cubist feel to this photograph.  Can you talk a little about the inspiration for the image?

 I was staying at Club Regina Resort in San Jose del Cabo as soon as I was arriving I noticed the amazing architecture and backdrops. After a couple of attempts I noticed that exact same thing "Cubism". My team and I wanted to capture the ocean with out being the main focus point but mixing in the colors together. Turquoise, orange and blue came up to be the perfect Spring/Summer tones I was looking for. 

How much planning goes into creating your sponsored posts? Did you scout out this location ahead of time?

 The funny thing is that I am always naturally scouting different locations, when a post is sponsored it goes through a more detailed process but my eyes are always wondering around looking for that perfect backdrop. As soon as I noticed those rich colors I knew I had to create fabulous content with it.  

Who takes your photos?  Do you work with a certain photographer on everything?

I am happy to say that my sister is part of my creative team and my personal photographer (whenever I can have her around) she has become a great asset to @venetosoberanes



That's so cool that you work with your sister! Does she have an IG account as well?

I love working with her it’s like working with your bff but with permission to jump at each other’s neck (not that that ever happens lol). She is very talented for such a young age can’t wait to see her grow more in depth into this industry. You can find her as @arasoberanes :) 



The colors in this image are so striking and bold! How much editing was done after the photo was taken?

I am not going to lie, my pictures always go through a very detailed process of editing just enough to make everything stand out. It does however have to be a great picture to begin with so when edited it's just breath taking. 

Do you do your own editing, or is this something your photographer does?

 I do my own edits all the time. My go to apps are: VSCO, a little bit of FACETUNE, and ending with SNAPSEED.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about your creative process?

What I also do is got through the hashtag of the campaign just to see what is out there, see what other influencers are involved just to get some inspiration flowing.

Thank you so much to @venetosoberanes for his contribution to this post.

This was the second installment in our #AdExplosion blog series.  You can check out the first installment here.

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