#AdExplosion: Ruby Park and Adore Me

Here at Obviously, we are fortunate to work with thousands of inspiring creators who amaze us every day with their originality and innovation.  With every project, there are several especially high-quality posts that stand out, and we always wish we could share them with everyone. Unfortunately, with so much incredible content being created every day, it would be impossible to highlight every one.  The good news is, we now have a way to share some of our absolute favorite posts with our community. I'm launching a new blog series called #AdExplosion, where we reach out to influencers for insight into some of our favorite images, what inspired them, and how they were created. Our hope is that you can use these conversations as both insight into how other influencers work and inspiration for your own ideas. 

First up: this gorgeous shot from Ruby Park, @therubyelement, for her collaboration with lingerie brand Adore Me.  What I love about this photo is the very specific way in which the viewer is drawn into the image: it feels as if she is taking a photo of you.  It also creates a sense of mystery: you ask yourself what is she seeing in that camera? and What is she thinking?  Raising a question for your viewer is a fantastic way to encourage them to engage with your content. 

The image itself is lovely.  The muted, neutral, colors give the photo a sleepy, comfortable feeling, as if she just woke up.  The lighting, however, throws in just a hint of drama that elevates it from being too ordinary.  Also very importantly, Ruby does an excellent job highlighting the product.  The lingerie is absolutely being featured, but it also fits in seamlessly with the image as a whole.  It feels natural and in place, both in the photo and on her overall feed.

I got in touch with Ruby to find out how she arrived at this image, what her creative process is, and how she finds her inspiration.

First off, how do you describe your overall aesthetic? 

My overall aesthetic I would describe as casual and minimal with elements of European, Asian, and city street fashion that inspire me in that moment. 

How does this post fit in with that?

For these posts for Adore Me, I wanted to create an overall mood that fit in with what I feel Instagram is currently transitioning into, which is part "I-just-took-this-with-my-phone", part fashion photography.

What inspired the concept of this photo? 

I wanted it to feel casual while still holding some sort of photographic element that is interesting. Scrolling through my feed daily, I naturally gravitate towards photos that have some sort of relatable, casual vibe to them, while still having something interesting in the photo, whether it's the expression, the styling choice, or tones of the photo.

Did you try out several concepts, or did you know what you wanted to do?

I knew immediately what I wanted to do with the Adore Me campaign because I have been collecting a few inspiration posts over the past few weeks to build up an idea of what I wanted to do. I already knew that I wanted the posts to have some sort of feeling of "you just happened to come across me in this moment in time" and it not feeling too "ad-like" with it being super smiley and posed.

Is collecting inspiration posts from other influencers something you do often?

Yes, I do this daily. I collect posts on Instagram and fashion websites for future reference.

Who are some influencers that you follow and find particularly inspiring? What are they doing that you love?

These days, I've been loving following  @ignant, @c__l__o, and @aureta just to name a few. I love seeing such interesting perspectives on fashion and art and these accounts always have something different about them that capture my interest immediately.

The lighting in this photo is really striking.  Where did you get the inspiration for this and how did you achieve it?

Thank you! This was actually a very happy accident. I knew I wanted to play with lighting for these photos but I think the time of which I chose to do the photos in addition to the weather that day worked out perfectly for me. A lot of my inspiration come from art, fashion, and photography accounts I follow on Instagram. 

Do you work with a photographer?  If so, do you always work with the same photographer or with several?

I work mostly with friends and the same group of photographers that I know and trust. I know who to reach out for to achieve a certain look I'm going for and what shots I can achieve on my own. Because I am also very interested in photography, I find myself gravitating towards the latter option a lot more these days.

What is one tip you have for influencers looking to create engaging images?

I know this sounds cliché but it's really one I believe in the most and it's be true to yourself and what you believe in. If it's not the popular opinion at the moment, it's okay! Why? Because your audience knows and you know that you stayed true to your vision. In this digital world filled with so much content, it is so much better to be yourself and create original content that speaks to you than try to emulate exactly what someone else is doing. 

Couldn't have said it better myself.

#AdExplosion will be a monthly series on the Obviously blog.  Stay tuned for more great interviews! 



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