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We work with so many incredible influencers that it’s impossible to highlight every great post that graces our Obviously feed. But, every once in a while, something comes along that especially stands out. One of my favorite running series on the Obviously blog is our #AdExplosion series, where we deconstruct some of our most successful posts from recent projects. This week, we’re taking a look at Tina Bousu’s (@eclectic_twist) work for Sengled Element Color Plus, a color-changing LED light-bulb that can be controlled via an app or a digital assistant.

There were a number of things that stood out to us about Tina’s post. First off, she was able to successfully integrate the product and the creative brief into her feed in a completely organic way. We were going for lots of color with this one, and boy did she deliver! This is a great lesson in the value of choosing projects that are a perfect match for you, rather than taking projects simply because the brand is popular. Also, she went above and beyond the call of duty, choosing to post a set of three photos, rather than the single required image. In doing so, she was able to demonstrate the product in action.

Check out how the use of colored light effects the design of this room:

I was lucky enough to chat with Tina about the process for creating her Sengled post. Check out our interview for some #ADspiration!

When did you first become interested in interior design? What is it about interior design that you love?

 I've always loved interior design, but I really dove head first into discovering my own aesthetic around 7 years ago when we moved into this home.  I love the opportunity to get as creative as your imagination will allow and being able to really reflect personality in our environments.  Design is such a fluid thing!  Ever changing and adapting as we change and grow.

How would you describe your overall aesthetic, especially when it comes to color? 

  I am VERY colorful!  I love color and every single style known to man.  Life is colorful, nature is colorful so it seems a natural thing to have it in our home.  I love mixing styles, patterns, vintage and new.  I just love having fun with spaces.

Tina’s whimsical design aesthetic features bold, playful, colors and a joyous juxtaposition of natural materials

Tina’s whimsical design aesthetic features bold, playful, colors and a joyous juxtaposition of natural materials

It seems like Sengled was a great match for you as a collaboration!  What do you look for in a brand to collaborate with?

It was so much fun!  I only accept collaborations and campaigns that align with my aesthetic and promote positivity.  I'm all about the color and Sengled was a natural fit.  I look for products I would purchase and companies I can really get behind.  

How do you make sure that a sponsored post still fits seamlessly with your feed?

Since I only sign on to collaborations and campaigns with products and companies that fit my aesthetic it's quite easy to integrate them into my feed.  I also take a few minutes when presented with a collaboration opportunity to think about how that product could work best in our home and where.  So when I accept I already have at least 1 idea of how I want to use it.  

Why did you choose that particular space to place the lights? Did you redesign the space at all for the post?

I initially had a different room I was planning to use but at the last minute I changed my mind.  The space is exactly as you see it in the shot, so I didn't do any redesigning other than creating ambiance with the wine and candle.  I took a gamble knowing there was already a lot of color happening but thought that the colorful bulbs could really shine.  I felt that using that space was an opportunity to highlight them in a completely different way.

What was behind the decision to post a series of three photos, rather than just one?

I knew I only needed to post one, but when I did the shoot I had so many great shots with the different colors I couldn't decide which color was my favorite.  So I opted to do the series of 3 in a swipe so the audience could see the real difference the colors make in a space depending on the feel you want to create.  It was the best option for not only the shots but to promote Sengled. 

Did you use any filters to magnify or highlight the effect of the colored light? 

Nope!  Just some lightening, a smidge of saturate, cooler temp and that's it! 

Anything else you'd like to tell us about creating this post?

I just had fun with it!  I put on some funky jazz music, shut some shades to get good lighting for the bulbs and played with angles and cycling through the colors.  It really was fun and my husband was even into it behind me with the controls for the bulbs while I took the shots. I think that feel really comes through the photos and it was exactly what I was going for.  

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