What's Happening @Obviously: Sengled, Lyft Toronto Film Fest, and NON Apparel

Some companies associate influencer marketing only with makeup or high-fashion brands, but here at Obviously we believe that influencer marketing can cover all industries. This week, we’re featuring some of our most unique influencer collaborations. Check out what’s happening at Obviously!

Element Color Plus by Sengled

Nothing transforms a space like color, but colored light takes it to a whole new level. Sengled color-changing bulbs let you match your room to your mood with 16 million possible hues. Yep, you heard that right. Simply change colors with the app or sync it to your digital assistant.

Toronto International Film Festival and Lyft

I love independent films, so I’m more than a little jealous of the lucky group of Obviously influencers who received a pair of tickets to the Toronto Film Festival, as well as a free ride with Lyft. Lyft has been supporting cultural events in cities all over the US and Canada, just one of the many ways the company gives back.

Never Out-Numbered // NON Apparel

NON apparel, which stands for Never Out-Numbered, is not your typical fashion brand. They aim to inspire all who wear their label to stand united. We live in a divided world, but this simple message is a reminder to reach for what connects us. Obviously influencers rocked their NON clothing and shared their own messages about togetherness and strength.

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