What's Happening @Obviously: Frilly, The ACT, and CYO Cosmetics

Our recent projects are all about customization: finding what works for you and going after it. Because you’re not cookie cutter, and neither are these brands.


Ever had the experience of going shopping and not being able to find anything you love? With Frilly, you never have that problem, because every single piece is fully customizable and tailored especially to you. Two Obviously influencers created their own original looks with Frilly and showed them off at a VIP photo shoot. Want to experience it yourself? Give Frilly a try and create something just for you.


We’re proud to be continuing our collaboration with The ACT, a standardized test that is anything but standard. Different tests highlight different personal strengths, and taking the ACT is a great way to let yourself shine in college applications and beyond. Our one-of-a-kind influencers shared their stories of personal success and how they got to where they are now.

CYO Cosmetics

Being a busy, on-the-go lady doesn’t mean you have to let your beauty routine slip. CYO Cosmetics is a multi-tasking makeup line, so their products do it all, just like you. Every item does the work of 2-3 makeup necessities, so you can #mixlayerhack. Also, they’re super affordable and available at your local Walgreens.

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