When will Obviously collaborate in my country?


Obviously is an global company with offices in the United States, France, and Australia and influencer relationships all over the world. We’ve connected brands with influencers everywhere from Brazil, to India, to Russia and Europe. That’s the great thing about the internet: distances that would once take a lifetime to bridge can now be crossed with the click of a button. We love working with influencers from all walks of life and connecting them with brands through social media. So when an influencer reaches out and asks if they should join Obviously, despite being located in another country, of course I say yes. We love expanding our international squad and we can’t wait to work with you!

However, it’s also important to manage expectations. Sometimes people grow frustrated by long waits between projects or feel misled when they aren’t able to connect with their favorite brands right away. Obviously has always prided itself on being real, so in the spirit of full transparency, I want to clarify a few points. First, Obviously does not have a project available in every country at every moment. This may seem, well, obvious, but it’s important to stress that just because we don’t have a project available in your area right now doesn’t mean we never have or never will. We’ve worked on every continent (except Antartica.) The majority of our projects are still located in the United States, but we have more international projects now then ever before. We expect to continue expanding our worldwide collaborations, so that we can work with as many of you as possible. That said, if you are located outside the US, France, or Australia, it may take a little longer than average to be connected with a project. Trust that we are on your side and we’re doing everything we can to get you matched with something great. We want to work with you as much as you want to work with us.

Distances that would once take a lifetime to bridge can now be crossed with the click of a button.

Sometimes waiting a long time for project can lead you to request a collaboration that is not the best fit. I get that- you’re eager to work and we love how enthusiastic you are. When you collaborate with Obviously, you are matched with a brand based on a number of criteria, such as location, number of followers, engagement, aesthetic, and brand fit. That way, the products you promote seem natural on your feed and the brand is able to reach the audience that makes sense for them. If you are an surfer from Sydney with no kids, we’re not going to invite you to promote an Australian parenting brand. Similarly, a mom in Dublin isn’t going to be placed on a collaboration for moms in Sydney, even if a good portion of her audience is located Sydney. This is because you, the influencer, have to be someone who could plausibly buy the product that you are promoting. You have to fit the type of person the brand is aiming to reach.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors other than location that effect how we make our decisions. If you have questions about why you weren’t invited to a specific project, feel free to reach out- we’re always happy to talk. Carefully evaluating every factor before connecting an influencer and a brand allows our work to stand out from that of other agencies, making us both effective for brands and beneficial for influencers. All that said, it is still very much worthwhile to join the Obviously platform even if you’re not in one of our “most active” countries. When we start a collaboration in a new region, we look to our Studio members first. You will get first dibs on projects that you are a fit for and, if you’re not a fit, we will keep working until we find you something great.

To summarize, Obviously works all over the world and we can’t wait to collaborate with you. However, we’re not going to invite you to a project until we have something that we know makes sense for both you and the brand. It may take a little longer, especially for influencers outside of our primary regions, but we’re doing everything in our power to make sure it happens. And it’s going to be amazing.

Check out this blog post for more info on collaborating internationally with Obviously.

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